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Mar 17, 2014

1st Day Packed with a Variety of Activities

The day started with the discovery that the refrigerator wasn't working. Oh, wow, just what Nancy needed. We' weren't going to waste the day, though.

Nancy brought her Apple TV. We have no cable here at this campground, but we do have internet. There's nothing that confuses her more than having more than one thing at a time in her hands. So if you ever want to be amused, just watch her fix something. She had so many cables and wires she didn't know what to do, she mumbled and grumbled, but she was determined. Susie likes her TV programs and Nancy likes her movies late at night when Susie is sleeping. I don't much care for TV. Through trial and error Nancy was able to stream TV and movies onto our new flat screen TV. It's only 22", but it's plenty big enough for the trailer. That was the first project, but rain was threatening so we decided to take a ride to the battery. It's a beautiful place. Well, all of Charleston is beautiful.

Even before we got out of the park we found something interesting. I think they are sailed remotely--there were lots of them, and they were right across the lake from the dog park. When I was young I would have loved to have chased them, and forget Lizzie--she would have caused all sorts of chaos! The people were as interesting to watch as the boats--they take their hobby seriously! Looked like they were having lots of fun.
This isn't the best picture, but it shows the dog park across the lake. Odd how the picture makes the lake look so small--must be the way Nancy focused the camera.
These are some of the captains.
Aren't they beautiful? We once watched people flying airplanes in another campground. Except for their size they looked so real. Nancy took some pictures of them against the sky and you couldn't even tell that they weren't real. Never knew what to expect when camping.
So, we got to the battery and it still wasn't raining. Susie took me for a very long walk. I was happy as a clam--we had such a good time, together. Nancy stayed behind, parked in the truck. She got out to try her new camera on the street we were parked on and one that was nearby, but until her back gets better she can't walk very far. She wanted to take a photography nature course offered by REI, but it required a lot of walking so that will have to wait. So, she experimented on her own. Here are just a few of the houses--we have so many others of the more well known homes on the battery and downtown. I don't think I've ever seen these.
They paint the houses such beautiful colors, here.

Nancy loves the alley ways and gardens.

This is that same house from a different angle--isn't the one next to it pretty, too?

Nancy thought this was pretty and wanted to show me earthquake bolts. A lot of the houses in Charleston have them. They come in a variety of shapes-some decorative, some not. 
This house was freshly painted and restored. Nancy remembered it from the last trip.
Since she was parked right on the battery, she had to take a picture of this yacht. It was way out in the water.
Nancy loves the houses with the sleeping porches. There's always a breeze on the battery--what a perfect place to sit and enjoy the waterfront.

This house had two grand sets of stairs to the entry. Nancy said they didn't look as though they were used often.

As you can see, spring is arriving in Charleston.

Many of the houses have these wrought iron decorative window porches. This doesn't look like a very big house, at first, but look how deep it is. 
More Sleeping Porches--Ahhh, that's for me!
Susie and I came back and there was Nancy waiting with her camera. She was calling me, but I wasn't going to look.

Wow! Look at the size of that dog! Not fooling with him. Nancy said she wouldn't ride in one of those carriages because she thinks it's cruel to animals. He was just plodding along not looking interested at anything around him.

And, then we said goodbye to him. Pretty carriage.
Right after this, the skies opened up and it started to pour so we jumped in the truck and headed back to the campground (well, okay, Susie jumped in the truck). It rained all night long and it will rain all day today, too. It's supposed to stop by tomorrow. Susie already took me for a long walk this morning. She is an early bird (not like Nancy and me). I was happy to go even though it was raining. When we got back, she dried me off (sort of) and I jumped up into bed with Nancy. Good thing she put plastic sheets on the mattresses, but she said she wished she had wrapped herself in plastic. I'm not speaking to her right now because she said I smell like a wet dog. Well, THAT'S a no-brainer. I am a wet dog. DOH!
Today, Nancy told Susie that it's her day. She can take the truck and go shop until she drops...raining any way. We'll stay here. Nancy will read and amuse herself with a movie.

Oh, before I forget. Nancy said when she was waiting for us at the battery, and taking pictures, there were two trees that these little birds were flying back and forth from. I'm not sure you'll be able to see them, but there were hundreds--too small, really, for Nancy's camera.  She showed Susie and me when we got back. They'd fly across the street to one tree and turn around and fly right back to the other one. 

Well, as Forrest would say, "And that's all I have to say about that."

Oh, one other thing I didn't tell you. Nancy was worried about what to do with the refrigerator. She told Susie to go on and take me to Walmart so she'd have room in the trailer to move the table, etc. The breakers and fuse box are underneath the couch in the worst possible place to reach. Anyway, when we got back, the fridge was working--Nancy said it was a bad fuse. She's not sure when it blew. One thing that has come in very handy on this trip is this little tiny lantern. It throws so much light and takes up so little space, and Nancy got a good deal on it. You can see it here. It has 240 lumens. For some reason, Nancy laughs every time she says that. Must be a private joke.


  1. Jack, you be sure to tell Nancy that her pictures are wonderful. I especially like that one of the alley (lane) with all the bushes, ivy and trees. Wow. I am just so happy you guys are out having a good time even if it is raining. The houses are so different from those out here in the southwest. And even though it is spring - we don't have all the green.

  2. The boat photos are terrific. I could sit and watch them for a long time. The water looks so smooth.

    I just love that city. It is one of the beauties of this land. Gorgeous photos.

  3. Jack, I'm so glad that you and Nancy and Susie are back on the road. I bet you have missed your camping trips. Tell Nancy that I really loved the pictures of the houses in Charleston. They brought back lots of memories of our stay there last summer. Take good care of Nancy.
    SKP Hugs,


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