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Mar 11, 2014

Charleston, Here We Come!

Unfortunately, the shots haven't lasted long enough for me to walk around Charleston, but we are leaving on Saturday, anyway! (I get two more shots on the 24th). Susan and I are very excited and looking forward to a Mom/Daughter get-away. I've been packing a little at a time for quite a while (like a Tortoise). What I used to be able to do in one day takes me weeks, now. I'm trying to make room for what I believe will be a good part of Susan's wardrobe, especially since we're not sure whether to pack for cold or warm so I'm sure she'll have some of each. Oy vey!

I was able to get the flat on the trailer fixed and I fixed the pesky tail light, too. I don't have any complaints about the Jayco except for the tail lights. My mind is blank at the moment as far as de-winterizing, but I'll read how when I get to James Island. That and I finally found halfway decent instructions as to how to put the awning down and back up. At least there are two of us to do it.

The weather forecast is not the best, but at least it's not going to be ungodly hot so the awning is a must. I've got rain suits for Susan and me, and Jack just goes au naturale! He didn't feel like writing tonight so I'll let him take over on the trip. He's sound asleep on his bed, well now it's his couch, next to me. He was kind of eyeing me as I made a few trips to the trailer and back but I don't think he's caught on, yet, because I can't do a lot of trips at one time like I used to. He'll know when I get his water cooler out. He just loves to go.

I was looking through some of old photos that I've taken in Charleston over the past 15 years or so. I never tire of the marshes, Folly Beach, the Battery, and the architecture. I'm hoping to be able to use my new camera...but the rain has to hold off.

We love James Island Regional Park because there is so much to do and its proximity to Charleston and Folly Beach. I've got a list of dog friendly restaurants (link for those of you ever in the area with your pups) so Susan is a happy camper. Since it is going to be cool enough we can go to Bowen's Island which we missed the last time we were there--someone recommended it to Susan. She cracks me up. She's a vegetarian, but can usually find what she wants to eat in the restaurants we find and loves that part of our trips. She finds restaurants, she eats and stays thin, I eat only because I'm there, and I put on weight. Go figure.

Just because...I'm going to post two of my favorite pictures from last year. I have so many of the homes from over the years that it's difficult to pick one of them, but I do have a picture of a funny little character that I'll post as a preview as to what's to come!

Inviting, huh?
What a Perfect Way to Welcome Spring
Wonder if He's Still There
Don't Need a Caption for Mr. Lazy Bones


  1. So glad to hear you are going to Charleston. I hope your back is well enough that you can still enjoy the trip even if you can't walk around town. Maybe the next shots will last longer. Wonderful pictures! That's a cute little guy up there on the roof. And as always, hugs to Jack. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Oh my goodness what gorgeous pictures. I can hear your excitement. So glad you all are going. Wish your shots could have been before rather than after. DARN. You are going to have a great time!

  3. Great place to go to enjoy the coming of Spring! We're ready for it, and it's already starting to make the pink trees around here really come alive with blossoms. Sure happy to hear that you're going to finally get to go on this trip that you've been dreaming of for so long now. Great pictures, what a wonderful place to be. Can't wait to read Jack's blog posts of the trip!

  4. Beautiful place to say hey to Spring! and Jack looks sooooooooo comfortable.. lol

    hope your back cooperates! what a wonderful thing... a Mom and daughter getaway ... sigh ;)

  5. Thanks, everyone. Thanks for all the well wishes! I'm just about ready except for last minute things like cameras, etc. Don't like to leave them in the trailer so will put them in tomorrow. Today I check the tires and tonight I hitch up. Charleston is a little south of here so I wouldn't be surprised if the trees and flowers are blooming though it's been an exceptionally cold winter.

    Jack still hasn't caught on--probably because there hasn't been a lot of hustle and bustle like there used to be. It's slow and easy, now.

  6. Great Pictures. Have a great time!


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