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Mar 20, 2014

A Full Day

The weather was wonderful, today. 70 degrees...just right. I started my day with a walk with Susie after her run. We came back and did one of my favorite things. We sat at the camp site and relaxed. Well, for a little while. Susie can't sit still for very long--not like Nancy. So, they decided they would eat lunch and take a ride to Isle of Palms, Sullivan Island, and Mt. Pleasant. Sounds like a long drive but they are close together. Nancy took several pictures, but I'll just post a couple.

We had a pleasant drive, then decided we would come back and relax at the campground for a while before we went to Folly Beach. I didn't feel like going in the water, but I sure enjoyed the walks.

Looks like Jack grew an extra leg/foot!

I made a friend. Her name is Sloopy. Nancy took this picture from way far away, but somehow Sloopy just knew that Nancy would want to meet her so over she went and we went after her. Nancy fell in love with her--Sloopy loves to be petted and cuddled. I let Nancy rave about her for a few minutes, but then enough was enough so I did my most annoying bark. So long, nice to know you, Sloopy.

Now, are you ready for the wildlife Nancy has been looking for all this week?
Yep, this is it. He's cute, but Nancy had other ideas and thought she'd get some good pictures of exotic birds and maybe deer and raccoon, or maybe even some bison. ::Oh, all right Nancy, I was just joking. A little exaggeration never hurt anyone.::

Yesterday we saw some poor guy who either went under a bridge or under a tree limb and practically sheared his roof off. Sad to see things like that--disheartening. I always remember seeing a highway out west that was being repaved on one side--it had to be a whole foot higher than the side that was yet to be done. That makes all the bridges on that highway a foot shorter. Good to have a way to measure if unsure. PVC pipe with heights written in magic marker.

Nancy and Susie ate at Smokey Oaks, tonight. The place was jam packed. The place was noisy and they disturbed my sleep. It's a very popular local place. Another restaurant to keep in mind. It's on Camp Road across the other side of Folly Road leaving the park.

I'll leave you with something that left me without words. Maybe some of you have seen rigs as big as this one, but I'm thinking this is the biggest I've ever seen. I can't imagine trying to get into many parks with it, and there aren't many boondocking opportunities in the east. Here goes. See if your jaw drops as mine did!

Well, I'm pooped and ready for bed. We're going back to the beach, tomorrow. Only one day left. We leave Saturday.