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Oct 12, 2016

On My Way Home

After visiting Creede, I was ready to head home. The part for the hitch finally came. They said they would deliver it to my site. I checked at noon and the tracking info said it would arrive by end of day. I've forgotten which day as days run one into the other when I'm on the road. I decided to check again at 3 p.m. and it said that it had been delivered at 12:01 inside and signed for by someone named "Brown". Great.

I checked with the hotel security at the casino. They were very nice and traced it down to a Brown who works at the reservation desk. Sure enough, they had it. They said UPS is only permitted to deliver to purchasing. Okay, so I was misinformed by UPS, but my name, phone number, and site number at the RV park was on the slip--you'd think they would have called me. I could have left a day earlier.

I don't like this new heater that I bought...I wanted one like my old one but was so sick the day I replaced it that I thought it would do okay. I have frozen to death these past few nights--for expedience sake, I've slept on the couch not under my wonderful comforter--guess I deserve to freeze, huh? The other one had a thermostat and it was pretty accurate. I have ordered another one. I'll use this one in the house. I only use one room at a time so why heat the whole house? I can lower the thermostat. I'll keep the new one in the trailer.

The trip on I40 has been boring except for fighting the wind. I ( was getting very tired so I found a place called K&K (online) in Shamrock TX right near the Oklahoma border. It's really a "field"--unkempt, at that, but I didn't want to risk driving any further especially if it took me into darkness. (I was surprised that the Campground Review Site gave some decent reviews--no frills, good overnight, good cable. It was difficult to find the sites. I left a check as instructed in a locked white box with a number on it. I called and spoke to a man named Richard and asked him if there was any particular site I should choose. He was very pleasant and said, take anyone you want. You can park along the southside, if you like. Don't worry about taking up more than one space...I only get one or two people every now and then. The other trailers (only a few since it's a small place) were obviously people who live in their trailers. I pulled up to one "site" and plugged in my fancy smancy new surge protector and it told me it was not grounded and would not turn on the electric. I walked around to boxes I could find and finally found one that wasn't going to fry me or whatever happens when something isn't grounded. I'll have to drive through a field to get out, but the dirt is hard and if necessary, I can back out. I've never seen so many flies in my life. That's one thing I love about high altitude--no bugs--none--zilch--zero. I got my electric tennis racket out and have probably executed 20 of them.

The reviews said this place had excellent cable. I found that hard to believe, when I arrived, and I was right. I want to see some news (or maybe I don't). Anyway, I'm here for the night. I'm using my hotspot on my phone to blog and to download another audiobook. The one I just finished by Nora Roberts (Obsession) was a blessing to have, today. I have another one by Patterson that I'm halfway through, and I'll need one to go to south Georgia November 9th to meet friends.

Well nothing exciting. No pictures, etc. Just a record as to where I was on Oct 12 2016.


  1. So are you going straight home or to a camping trip with your friends. I'm happy you made this trip sorry for so many problems though. But maybe you got them all worked out now.
    I have on of those tennis rackets I love that thing. Stay safe.

    1. Sorry, it has taken so long for me to get on the computer. Unpacking, cleaning, and detailing the truck and trailer and dusting/vacuuming the house has just eaten up my time and energy.

  2. Are you home yet or just having so much fun there's just not time to blog. I hope it is the fun one! Were you ever able to get onto my blog? I know that when I post it one Facebook or the Escapee's forum I only use the www. format. Do you suppose it is because you are BlogSpot and I am My Travel Journal? I'm hopeless about tech stuff. Thank goodness our son Jeff is a whiz at it! Take care of yourself and hope you are having fun. Hugs, Karen

  3. Are used to be good at the technical stuff, but after we close the business I probably forgot more than I ever knew. I can get on your site I just can't put your site on my blog roll so I had to put it in my favorite links. And I must apologize to all my blogging friends because I just haven't been on the computer I've been so darn busy unpacking, cleaning, you name it. I hope to make time soon.

  4. I tell you that is one of the big benefits of full timing! No unpacking of the rv-ever! Still have to clean it though. I need a genie for that!
    Glad you made it home safely and hope you can get out again soon.
    Hugs, Karen

  5. I hear you! I'm little too old to start full timing, though Rich and I talked a lot about it when he was alive. I'm getting out to see friends in south Georgia on the 9th of November. Always a great time. Thanks for writing. I haven't been on the computer.

    Have three sides done with "The Solution" and a coat of Mguires Marine Wax. She's looking fancy. LOL


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