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Nov 1, 2016

Gibbs Gardens

My physical therapist, Leslie, and I became good friends after my back surgery and ablation treatments for my SI joints. She was dedicated and was responsible, in part, for my successful recovery. Leslie has gone on to teaching, her first love. I'm sure she'll be wonderful because of her patient and gentle ways.

Leslie called me a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I'd like to go to Gibbs Gardens. I was a bit hesitant, at first, because I remembered her mentioning how much she enjoyed going and I didn't want to spoil her time because I wasn't sure if I could walk. I told her that, but she said, "They have plenty of benches and a tram."

We met a couple of exits up 400 on Saturday at 8:15. Off we went. I thought I would enjoy it, but I had no idea how much I'd enjoy it. The Japanese Gardens were my favorite, but they say the daffodils in the spring are incredible. Fall happens to be my favorite part of the year. I don't think the leaves were at their peak, but they were very pretty. I'm not a photographer, but everywhere I turned there was a beautiful picture. The one thing I discovered is that the prettiest places are a bit confusing in photos because of the reflections in the water--they make for a little confusion, I think. I'm sure someone who knows what they are doing with a camera would know how to take better pictures. When we first got there, there weren't many people except for people who came to take pictures. We laughed when we saw one man walking a stroller with all his camera equipment. Smart. I was going to insert pictures, but I think I'll just stick them at the end as I wound up picking more than a few. The few water lilies were incredible, but Leslie said when she was there another time the ponds were covered with them.

Leslie is like me in that she loves to take pictures. I'm anxious for her to share some of hers with me as she had her good camera with her, and I had my point and shoot. I was trying to travel as light as possible. Believe it or not, I walked for six hours with no trouble. (I came back to edit this five hours taking into account lunch and travel time. We had a lovely lunch in the garden and we were even serenaded by a gentleman playing an accordion.
When he came to our table I asked him to play the Godfather Theme, and he did!
For those of you in Georgia or planning to visit the foothills, I encourage you to make time to visit this website and read the history and origin of such a lovely place. I think the best part about Gibbs Gardens is that it's different every time you go. I think I'm going to buy an annual pass. Good way to exercise without knowing I'm exercising.

Putting pictures at the end in case you just want to glance. I don't know how well you can see them. You have to see, in person, how beautiful things are. While I was fascinated with the reflections, I was disappointed in my pictures.

Mr Gibbs had sculptures to represent his grandchildren

This is a fairly good example of the reflections in the water

The Guest House

The Manor House

Small Water Falls Abound 
This is a dead ceramic goose to keep the geese away. They also had pictures of dogs or coyotes around the grounds to scare off the geese. The absence of insects was wonderful.

There weren't man lilies left, but here's one.


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous place! I'v enever even heard of it. You think they'd notice if I moved into the guest house??

  2. I think your puctures are fabulous. It is so gorgeous there I can understand why you didn't realize the six hours had passed. So glad you could do it without pain. That is great news.

    1. Well thank you, Sandie. Yes, the good news was that I CAN WALK!!!

  3. I think your puctures are fabulous. It is so gorgeous there I can understand why you didn't realize the six hours had passed. So glad you could do it without pain. That is great news.

  4. I think you did a great job with your pictures! I know sometimes we are disappointed with our pictures but then we remind ourselves that we see in 3d and cameras don't! So don't be hard on yourself. The fact that you were out there is the main story. So good job and great pics! Hugs, Karen

    1. Karen, you are ALWAYS so positive. I hadn't thought in terms of 3d vs photos. Well, that just goes to show you, if you thought the pictures were nice, it's incredible in person. Yes, as I said to Sandie, it feels so good to be able to walk. Going to camp in south Georgia next week--meet some camping friends. Sure wish we could meet one day. Maybe next spring on my last big hurrah trip!

    2. Karen, I don't know what's going on. My link to your site doesn't work. Can you send it just one more time?

  5. Nancy, your pictures are incredibly beautiful. You captured every gorgeous reflection. So happy you enjoyed the day. Good for you!

    1. Thank you, Jo. You're someone else I'd love to meet in real time. I can't wait to get out west. This time I'll leave in May when I want to leave and be able to go further than Colorado! I so want to get back to Idaho, Oregon, and Washington!


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