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Oct 7, 2016


My jerry-rigged keep my plumbing from freezing plan worked! I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about it, though. It did get down into the 20s. I discovered if I pulled three drawers all the way out in the bathroom, I could see the basement so I left them open and put the heater in the bathroom. I don't know what staying awake worrying about it was going to do, but that's what I did, anyway. I was nice and warm under my comforter. I never hooked the heater up to my mattress cover and I'm too lazy to do it, today. I have a bluetooth thermometer that I bought when I was having fridge troubles. I put the part that goes outside inside the storage compartment. I should have slept down there, it was warmer than in the trailer! The host is telling me 30 degrees, tonight, but I looked on my NOAA and it's only getting down to 34 and not long at that. I'm leaving the water on at least until I take my shower. I already turned the light on in the basement.

I got in the truck this morning and had no idea where I was going. Then I thought about how I didn't have time to see much of Creede and it might be an even prettier drive up there than last week with leaves changing. I believe it's only about 60 miles from Ignacio, but 60 miles in the mountain takes three hours! I took loads of pictures. The problem was that the sun was working against me plus you can only take so many pictures of huge rock walls. There are just some places that you have to stand and see in person. The ride up over Wolf's Creek Pass is one of them. Maybe photographers like Dr. Carlson could capture more of the beauty, but he's a pro. These I took about half way to the summit. I was surrounded by granite on all other sides.

I followed the Rio Grande River for a while. I know all Rivers begin in the mountains, but when I think of the the Rio Grande I think of red muddy water. Not so. Look for yourself.

There was a time when the Durango Silverton, Cumbres de Toltec, and this railroad were connected. I have to read up on my history. I should have done it before I went--I usually do. There's something I love about old railroad tracks.
Just laying on the tracks. Can you guess what you'd pay for that back east? I can't tell you how many things I could have picked up this trip except that the bed of my truck is full. Then, again, this wheel sort of belongs where it fell off.
Creede is a very cute little western town. You can tell when tourists haven't had a chance to ruin a place when there are no parking meters. I walked around enjoying the little shops; half of which were closed. I walked into one called Holy Moses and picked up a little moose candle holder. They have the cutest names for shops and places.

Good Lord, that truck is dirty

I could be wrong, but I think when Rich and I were here, they had a sign on it that said City Jail.

The huge walls of rock surround the town.
Made me laugh out loud. Had I needed a haircut I would have gone in.
Who needs to pay to have a sign?

Display outside of Holy Moses

I put my purse down for a moment on a bench--plenty of benches in towns and big dogs laying on the sidewalks enjoying the sun. They pick their heads up when you walk by and right back down when you pass. They're not impressed by anyone saying, "Hey Pup or hello big fella." Lazy days of fall. I was lugging my purse and the camera case so I didn't have a chance to get a picture of one. One shop had a dog dish out that said, "For Dogs and Short People with Low Expectations." Anyway, on the bench were two painted rocks. Here they are. I walked all over town and found them in all kinds of places. Took plenty of pictures, but won't post them all (I hear all those sighs). I stopped by Holy Moses and asked the lady about them and she smiled and put her hands up in the air and said, "It's a mystery! Nobody knows."

I stopped in a little place run by a young man. I was hungry. He suggested what he liked and he did good. It was delicious and hit the spot. They had everything under the sun hanging from the ceiling--very friendly people everywhere I went--all ages. Talking to them, they seemed to love their little town. Not much has changed since Rich and I were there many years ago. I suspect that's because the rugged terrain isn't conducive to building ski resorts.
This tells me they have a short fall up in Creede. These are the leaves that have already turned and fallen.
I could post so many more pictures, but I hope everyone who reads this gets a chance to go to Creede, themselves. I wish I could have done the other 76 miles to Lake City, but I wouldn't have gotten back in time to be able to see to drive. As it was, the sun setting in the west was a bear to drive in. Speaking of bears and such...all of this driving and taking back roads and I haven't seen one deer, elk, moose nor whatever else hangs around these parts. I swear someone tells them I'm coming--HIDE!


  1. What a wonderful day trip. Such sweet little town. Loved the old wagon wheel. Temps there are dropping pretty good already. Stay warm and happy travels be looking for new pictures.

    1. It really was a cute town, and the people were so nice. Funny how you can find so many things to take a picture of when you're just roaming around. If I were younger and wanted to invest in a good camera and equipment, I'd take some classes to see how to take really good pictures, but I'm not up to carrying it all around. Mine photos serve as memories for me.

    2. Your pictures are fine, nice and clear colors are great. I see people carring all that heavey gear and thing that can't be fun. I like my Canon and it does just what I want it to do

  2. Your pictures are still turning out better than you give yourself credit for.
    Have you tried the yellow night driving glasses. It helps Kathy better see at night or on cloudy days even if she is not driving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, Rick. No, I never even heard of yellow night driving glasses. I'll have to look into them. The sun got me so bad at one point, coming home yesterday, I couldn't see a thing--I literally had to stop the truck. I think they make newer model cars/trucks with better windshields. Of course, even though I had cleaned it in the morning, the windshield was dirty to boot.

  3. Jim uses those yellow night driving glasses and swears by them. We try not to drive at night but they are sure nice to have. I agree with Rick and Kathy - your pictures are wonderful. But it's still way too cold.

  4. Got a pair from Amazon. Thanks, Sandie. I'll let you know how they work though I seldom drive at night. I'm leaving them in the car for the unexpected Occasion.


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