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Oct 6, 2016

It's Days Like These That I Wonder...

Why I leave my warm house, recliner, TV, bed, etc. Today, I took a ride over to Durango to pick something up that I broke soon after purchase. The colors in this area are starting to change, but not too much. I took a pleasant ride for a few hours on the back roads. In some parts, I was amazed at how populated the dirt roads are. I didn't realize, either, the number of cattle ranches in this area. While the drive was pleasant, there really wasn't much to photograph. I took a picture of this tree. It caught my eye on the way into Durango. I'm thinking it might be a glimpse into what the next week might bring--it was in a strip shopping mall. It's a shame such a pretty tree surrounded by stores and cars. I don't know anything about taking close up pictures, but I did the best I knew how--just to show the color.

"Everyone should walk some dirt roads in their life."
I don't know if you can see it, but this person collects things. Among the things I could see were two train cars. Made me wonder how he got them there.

Horses are not interested in talking to me
Interesting piece of art work

I just couldn't resist this guy. He let me pet him (I was ready to duck if he spit). They are so comical looking.
I had no delusions that I would meet Clint Eastwood at this bridge. Worth looking around, though. 

This was a nice little park and swimming hole along one of the back roads. I assume for the local kids.

I had a conversation with this lady. She was either overweight or with calf. She was interested in what I had to say.
I couldn't see what kind of ducks these were, but the camera tells me they are geese. Am I right?
This was the plant/weed I saw the other day. I wonder what it is.
When I came home, the host stopped me and said we were going to have a deep freeze tonight. I decided to take a partition down in the storage compartments of the trailer. They are down below. I got one of those hanging workmen's light and I'm putting it in there in hopes that it will keep the plumbing from freezing. I used the windshield reflective shield from the truck and closed the door over it in hopes that, that would help. Now, as long as I don't blow up, I'm okay. I unhooked the water, already, and I have some gallon jugs to use for flushing the toilet, and plenty of drinking water. I'll run the hot water heater, probably through the night, and hope for the best. I also bought some some RV antifreeze and I'll pour some down in my holding tanks--hope that stops any freezing there. Yes. Sometimes I wonder...why did I leave my house, again? Especially with a not so great back and now a wall to put back up in the storage compartments.

All in all, thinking of the trip to Telluride and the quality time spent with Susan, it's worth it. We might never have seen it.


  1. The problem is you're headed in the wrong direction. You need to head south down towards AZ for the winter. Even New Mexico is too cold in the winter. I love your pictures. One of the prettiest trees I saw was at Costco and I could not get a good picture of it. Glad you didn't get spat at. We're only getting down into the 40's at night here in Idaho. But we move further south towards NV tomorrow.

    1. Where in Nevada are you going? I have to wait here for the bar to arrive. They say it will be here on the 10th. Idaho usually gets colder than anywhere, first, I think, doesn't it? I can't breathe in the dry dessert so when I head out of here, I'll head east. Safe travels.

    2. We're currently in Hawthorne, NV for a couple of nights and then a couple of days to get to Las Vegas. It's finally in the 80's here and I'm so happy to have warmth and sunshine. We'll probably be in Apache Junction around the 20th or so.

  2. Your pictures actually turned out quite nice and you can see the changing colours.
    You were right, those are Canadian Geese.
    Using a work-light to warm up the waterlines is an old but safe trick. Another is to leave the faucet furthest from the feed supply to drip overnight. Moving water doesn't freeze. The best trick is to head to warmer climates but with Hurricane Matthew heading towards Georgia you might want to stay in the southwest a while longer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Hi, Rick. If I let water drip in this trailer, my tanks would be full! I was most worried about my hot water heater. As I said to Sandie, I have to wait here until the tenth when they will deliver my new hitch bar. Then, I'll head east--I'll take it slow--maybe 200 miles per day.

  3. I agree about the pictures and the geese. The leaves are really beautiful and I would never have known they were in an ugly spot if you hadn't told me. LOL at your cow conversation and your comment about the bridge. Great pictures. What's this about your back?? Do head south.

  4. Hey, Sherry. I love wondering around and seeing things I don't see on the streets of suburbia. I love cows. They listen intently to what you are saying. I swear, the one yesterday actually turned around and looked when I asked where they were hiding the baby. LOL Time for the home, huh? Because of lower back surgery, I will always have some pain in my upper and lower back, but it's not debilitating like the pain I had from the SI joints. Just a shame--wouldn't have had any pain if they had found that first. I'm pretty comfortable most of the time--no more hiking, though. :( I figure it could be worse--in another five years I wouldn't be hiking any way, if I'm around. Thanks for reading. I have some catching up to do. I can't keep my eyes open at night!

  5. Hope this helps.

    Hugs, Karen

    1. No, it didn't work so I'm going to try to add it to my favorite links.

  6. I don't think I was online last night and don't know how I missed your blog this morning but sure glad I realized I missed something after reading todays. That tree is absolutely beautiful. Love your captions on some of the critter pics.


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