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Oct 4, 2016

North or East?


I can't remember the last time I was so sick. Maybe a few years ago after Thanksgiving, but this was a doozy. I am hoping that Susan will be okay. We had shared the same bed and it's small quarters in here. She keeps herself in very good health so I'm hoping that her immune system will "ward off evil spirits". 

Susan and Leroy. I may have repeated some pictures, but it brightens a blog page.

I took her into Santa Fe and dropped her off so she could do all the shopping she wanted to do, and so I could air out the trailer. I saw a home depot and went in to replace the heater. I couldn't find the exact model that I had. This one is significantly lighter and smaller, but has the same voltage (or something). If it does work as well, it will have those advantages over the old one. It doesn't have the digital dials, but I was just too sick to go to the Lowes right down the street. I haven't been in extremely cold weather, yet, so that will be the real test. 

I went back to the trailer and was even sicker. Thankfully, I always carry an antibiotic with me on a long trip. I felt as though I couldn't get any air into my lungs and swallowing was very difficult. I used one of the bottles of Oxygen to see if that would help (thank you, Jo). I felt as though I was getting worse rather than better--almost went to an urgent care, but thought they'd probably only tell me to do what I was already doing (and it would also make Susan worried about leaving). On top of everything, I don't think the altitude was helping my situation. When I picked Susan up, I was almost too sick to drive (probably scared her to death). After a bad night, I was dreading driving down to Albuquerque. Susan offered, but I'm a terrible passenger. I have to admit I almost asked her to drive back from Santa Fe, though.

We drove down to Albuquerque on the 2nd. Susan's flight was at 8 a.m. so she had to be at the airport at 6 a.m. She had gotten a hotel less than half mile away so I got her there and went back to the hotel to make sure her flight took off. I can't see to drive at night so it was a good option. Susan thought I should sleep till noon and then drive back up to Santa Fe which was only about an hour's drive, but as soon as I knew her flight was in the air, I headed back. I thought it would give me two full days of rest before having to hitch up. I have Flight Track on my phone so I thought it was amusing that she was already over Arkansas as I arrived back at the campground. She landed earlier than expected and is feeling fine as of today. I told her to take lots of Vitamin C, and I'm crossing my fingers.

I woke up this morning feeling human--not 100%, but close enough. All I wanted to do yesterday was head east and go home, but this morning I thought I'd dump my tanks and already knew I was going north for another week. After that, I'll head home. I decided I'd drive only two hours a day and not unhook anywhere. I dragged myself to the grocery store, yesterday, so I have enough food and water in for the week. I have an absentee ballot, but would prefer to vote in person.

Now, after all that boring news, I feel like I want to insert some pictures I haven't used before--just to brighten things up until I see something worth photographing. I know there are people that love the southwest; I'm just not one of them. The dryness bothers my nose, throat, skin, and eyes. It bothered Susan, as well. She had a wonderful product called Aquaphor for those of you who have the same problem. I think the air dried out my nasal passage and throat and invited the germs in. I've been using it since she left and it's amazing how it helps dry skin and lips.
Building out past Telluride
Mining, I suspect
Hopefully a different angle than ones in past posts. I was quite a distance away so I was glad it came out at all.

Another fall near the power house. I imagine in spring they are flowing a lot faster

Train by the side of the tracks on the way to Silverton

Hikers Ready to be picked up.

Another excuse to take a picture of Susan
There used to be an old man who played this piano. Years ago when we took Lizzie to Silverton, she got all excited and insisted on going around the corner. She had heard the piano music. Lizzie used to play our piano with her chin. She must have remembered the old man from the year before because he gave her treats for doing it. Odd to see such a young, pretty girl playing honky tonk on an old upright piano.

I'm going back to Ignacio (mostly because it's only $15 a night, but the country I love surrounds it. I'm hoping to drive up toward Telluride, again. Maybe not into town, but I'm sure there are some back roads and maybe a short trail I can manage along the way.

I laugh at myself because I used to give Rich the business about hooking up early once he knew we were going to be moving on. I find myself doing the same thing. I'm half thinking of hitching up, tonight, so I just have to unhook water and electric tomorrow. We'll see.

Wish I had gotten a picture, but I didn't. I saw a beautiful chocolate Lab this morning. It made me long for Lizzie and Jack. I think a good solution after the first of the year is for me to adopt a small older dog who needs a home and help Susan raise a Lab. She helped me so much with Lizzie and Jack; especially Jack when I could no longer walk. She was faithful about coming over and taking both and then Jack for the walks to the nature center they loved. Lizzie's breeder is no longer in Georgia, but Jack's is so he will be the one I'd suggest she'd see. He's a very good breeder and has healthy litters. Susan is very active and could give a Lab the life it would love and then we could take both dogs camping when she can get three day weekends.

Jack's true love
Lizzie never walked around the motorhome while it was moving. Jack...well, you know Jack. This was his way of telling us he wanted water. He'd bark at the sink and then bark at the fridge. He wanted only bottled water.
She needs a dog and a dog needs her. She's torn between adopting and getting a lab. We've seen labs that need adopting, but they are either in poor health or poorly trained at a year or two old. Since she works, she needs a house to come back to that isn't damaged. I'll help by getting an older little one or maybe even two and maybe keeping Susan's at my house while she's at work. Maybe some whose "Mom or Dad" have died or have special needs. We'll see.
Well, now you know I'm feeling better. Had no intention going on so! I hope if you skip over the writing, you'll enjoy the pictures--hope I didn't repeat too many.


  1. I never skip over the words because that's how you really know a person. You are a person of who feels for other people not just yourself. It's a good feature to have but now that you are alone you need to take care of yourself.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. You are a sweetheart, Rick. kathy's a lucky girl. :) Can't wait to hear about your travels. Rich and I had such fun together. I lost him too early, but I think we shared a love that two people seldom do.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. That's certainly no fun when you feel like that. You've put up some great photos, and you do such a good job sharing with us. Thanks. I know you will find just the right dogs for you and Susan to love and care for. Well loved dogs are always such a joy. They certainly provide comfort and love for us.

    1. I know you and Donna understand how mine were like my children, best friends, and companions because that's the way you feel about Ollie and Jewel. Thanks for writing Russ. Telluride is definitely on my list of most wonderful drives.

  4. My computer did an update the other day, which I usually detest but this time there was an added benefit...your blog reappeared! After Jack died and you were not blogging I added other blogs and yours slipped to the bottom of the list! But the other day there it was and miracle of miracles you were blogging again! I am thrilled for you, for me and for the future dogs in your life. But dang it all, I wished this blog had popped up months ago. We spent almost all of last summer on the Pacific coast. We could have met up somewhere. Dang! So far I am only through February but I will really be mad if we were at the same park somewhere on our travels and I didn't know it! Can you imagine. Anyway, glad you are back, glad your back is better and though you can never replace Jack, I really do think you need another dog in your life! My brother says they are the best medicine! So I will say good-bye for now and I will keep reading and get caught up with you. Here's our blog so you can catch up with us!
    Hugs to you, Karen

    1. What a surprise, Karen! I need to update my reading list as yours disappeared as well. A while back, blogger glitched and sent new blogs to the bottom of the list and I couldn't figure out why everyone had stopped blogging all at once until I scrolled down.

      Wouldn't it have been great to meet on the Pacific Coast. My plans to leave in May for the northwest were canned when my granddaughter got married in June. I had to re-plan and leave the day after her wedding. Then, I broke my arm and wrist. I decided that driving to Colorado was as far as I could get and get back before next spring. It kind of upset my kids and grandkids that I'd be gone so long. I always wanted to spend a winter on the Pacific Coast. It was just not to be. When I was in Albuquerque, I was camping right next to someone who comments on my blog. They were leaving the day after I got there. I tried in vain to get in touch with them in time to have a cup of coffee, if nothing else. Hope to meet them (and you) down the road. Thank you so much for reading, Karen. After all the mishaps I was beginning to think I wasn't meant to go on this trip, but here I am! :)

      I go back and forth on the dog idea. I get so attached to them; I don't think I could bear another loss. I have three holes in my heart. I will definitely catch up with you, now. I'm anxious to see the pictures you post and to hear about the things you see and do. Hugs back to you.

  5. Karen, I don't know if this will get to you, but blogger won't accept the URL on my blog roll. Can you verify the address with me.


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