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Oct 5, 2016

Thought I Had Lost Murphy...

(note to Karen--will you check the URL you gave me. Blogger does not want to let me put it on my blog roll. I tried even copying from your site. You'll have to excuse me. I probably won't get to comments tonight--I'm about to fall asleep!)

I got up early this morning. Hitching up was uneventful and went quickly. I decided to head north to Ignacious CO via 84/62/ and 160 (through Pagosa Springs). I had done this ride from Chama to NM 6 years ago and remembered what a pleasant and relaxing drive it was.

The different season, of course, made it look a bit different. Lots of rust colored trees shrubs easing themselves into winter. I had forgotten how many cattle were up here. I wish I could have taken more pictures, but it was a two lane road and difficult to stop. I noticed that there seemed to be more places to pull over on the road going the other way so maybe I'll take the same road south.

When I first started out I saw what I think is a southwester "tiny house". Cute, huh?

I passed different landscapes the more north I got.
I was fascinated by whatever these trees? were. Anyone have any idea? They almost look like dried out corn.
Throw in some rugged red rock
Thought I could catch the colors, but didn't do very well
Then, I found these gals and guys. They were so friendly--they came running over to the fence. I took a video so I could show my "animal lover" granddaughter, Kellie. I was tempted to get closer to pet them, but didn't know if the owner would like that AND I think they are in the camel family so I wasn't sure if they'd spit (or bite). So I just talked to them. They were very curious.

Couldn't help laughing as they looked so cute. They were giving me the eye.

I'm having difficulty keeping my eyes open, but I do want to tell you a strange story. I arrived at the campground and started to unhitch. I have a special system that I follow so I don't forget anything, and then check three times to make sure everything is in place. I have a small but think plastic zippered bag. I only keep the pins and locks in that bag (7 items) so I know when I'm hitching up, the bag has to be emptied. And, when I'm finished it has to have the 7 things in it.

I pulled into the campground, leveled chocked, etc., and then started to remove the bars. The first came off very easily. I stepped over the hitch with my plastic bag in hand and stood and stared. Where is the bar? The large square locks were on it, but there was no bar or second pin. It took my brain a moment to absorb that it wasn't actually there--even saying to myself, "C'mon, Nancy, you can't be that stupid."

I had stopped for lunch, came out of the cafe and started out. I felt no difference in pulling. When I discovered my dilemma, I got the FedEx address from the host and called Equalizer. He was as perplexed as I was. The only thing we could think of was that someone had taken it. They may have needed just one bar and the one pin so left the other lock on the unit. I must say, Rick, the gentleman who helped me was wonderful. By this morning I had a confirmation of purchase and the tracking numbers for the bar to get here. Good customer service.

The camp host here looked and said he didn't think I lost it on the road--good thing, I'm sure one of those bars could do some damage. He told me that recently, around here, there are vandals who find 5ers by the side of the road and pull the lock--just for kicks, but he had never heard of anyone taking a bar. So Equalizer is sending me another bar--more money spent, of course. C'mon, Murphy. Can't you give me a break? No proofing tonight. I'm going to sleep. I am SO tired that my eyes are literally closing.


  1. Just can't get over how people or kids are so darn horrible. None of this is funny and surely very dangerous. glad you didn't have a safety problem.
    The critters are so cute and yes I heard the females spit and it is really nasty.The tiney house is cute as can be.

    1. Of course, I can't be sure that's what happened, but I have no other explanation. In a way, I hope that's what it was--I'm sure the bar could do some damage to the trailer, or worse yet cause problems for someone in back of me. Will it ever end?

      Glad you said something about the spit. LOL That would have rounded out the day.

  2. I am so glad you are safe. That's the main thing. Every time we stop somewhere whether for over night or for lunch, Jim always checks to make sure everything is still hooked up. Haven't known anyone personally who has lost a rig because somebody pulled something but have heard the stories. When we towed the fiver, Jim had a lock on the pull lever so "jokesters" couldn't pull it. Same reason we have the lock on the propane tanks. After our friends had theirs stolen, we put locks on ours. Sad world we live in.

    1. Well, if Jim checks, I'm going to check from now on. I don't know what I'll do if it's gone--don't think I can carry a spare. I actually usually do walk around--just didn't yesterday. I just stood there dumbfounded and in disbelief when the bar wasn't there. I have to say, I didn't notice it driving the last 100 miles. I had never heard about the 5er nonsense before, but the host says it's not uncommon. You are right. What is becoming of this world?

  3. You are lucky that you had a safe trip. Those bars don't come off by themselves. We've seen what happens when a 5er falls on the truck so we keep our hitch locked and the pull handle stored.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I thought a good deal of anxiety on the way home. After so much had gone wrong on this trip, I kept waiting for the next thing. The night before I left, I dreamt I was in a bad accident. There is little to distract you driving on I 40 through the Midwest, but I did get home safely. I'll be meeting a few friends in November, and I'm looking forward to that trip.


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