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Dec 28, 2011

A Tribute to Reileigh!


Reileigh was my friend, a chocolate Lab, adopted by one of Nancy's friends at 4 years of age. She was a lovely dog--gentle and kind like most labs. She was very shy and stuck to Diane's side like glue when we first camped together at Skidaway Island. Her Mom, Diane, was kind enough to offer to take care of me when Lizzie got sick and had to go to the vet when we were camping with a group of ladies and my friends in Virginia.

The shenanigans of my friends and me probably overwhelmed Reileigh, at first, but eventually she came out of her shell and friends tell me she got happier and happier as she camped more and more with the group. Unfortunately, I was sick all last year so I wasn't able to see her. She was lucky, like me, because she got to take a trip out west with her Mom and saw all the wondrous things that I got to see. Reileigh got sick, suddenly, and her Mom didn't want her to suffer, so as hard as it was to do, she knew she had an obligation not to let her suffer. I want Nancy to do the same for me if I get sick before she does. Everyone is devastated, but we all know that she lived a very happy life once she picked Diane to be her Mom. I wonder if she's at the Rainbow Bridge with Rich and Lizzie--waiting for Diane to come. Diane said Reileigh was snoring, as she always did, when she went off to sleep this final time. I'll be anxious to see her, again, when it's my turn to go to Rainbow Bridge.
Lizzie left me two years ago New Year's Eve. I hate it when Nancy crys--but she feels so badly for her friend. Someone quoted Anatole: "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." I sure am glad I got to see her in December at Desoto Campground, even if it was just for the day. She seemed so happy and content.

  • Nancy's monitor is broken so she can only tell that the first picture is of Reileigh. We don't know if she's enjoying the water like the  rest of us--she may have been walking and watching with Diane. I think this must be what the other side of Rainbow Bridge is like, don't you? At  least it shows everone what fun Reileigh was to learn to have; especially on her trip west. Diane's blog is on our blog roll.

Skidaway Island

Lizzie-she loved water more than any other pup I've known.
Friends Having a Good Time

Another picture of my beautiful Lizzie

I got the stick!

Here Comes Lizzie!

Tucker, Molly, Jazz, Teddy, Nick, and Me

Got My Eye on the Stick!


  1. Thanks, Jack, for a lovely memory of Reiligh. Looking at the pictures, we are missing quite a few of our furry campers. Lizzy, Jazz, Reiliegh, Bama Deb's little friend, Wilson's Old Man, my Nic (who wouldn't camp). How much richer our two legged lives are because of them.

  2. So sorry to hear about the lose of your friend. Looks like you guys always had fun romping around. My sympathy to Reileigh's mom.

  3. Great words Jack.
    We will miss Reileigh.

  4. Yes, Gail, and I dare say I miss them all though some I didn't get to know well. Nic was a fine specimen of a noble German Shepherd loyal and true to you and Paul. Remembering Jazz still brings tears to my eyes--we spent a lot of time with her and T. I only met "Old Man" once, but have always been impressed by Wilson's connectiion with dogs. I never met Bama Deb's little one, but from what I hear, he had a big ole heart. Bella, the pup that stayed as long as she could with Laraine, Howie, the silent type who kept pretty much to himself. Bailey was another amazing guy--I got to know him best while in NM-I'm glad that Erlene has Toby, now, you have Mac, Laraine has the two little "knuckleheads", Janis has Ms. Allie, and Wilson has Tucker. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone (it's unintentional, but easy to overlook someone while writing). Lizzie will be gone two years on New Years Eve and I still have difficulty uttering her name without tears flowing. All the pure souls that have passed through our lives, never to be forgotten, have left something of value that humans can't impart.

    JoJo, as always, thank you for your kind comment. We did have some great times camping, together, and hope to have more in the future. We are a group of women who found each other and we laugh until we cry around our campfires (and all day long, I dare say). I haven't camped this year because of all that has gone on, but I miss these women who have become lifelong friends. Jack misses them, as well.

  5. Jack - Thank you for your loving words in memory of Reileigh. You are an awesome friend to her and to me.

    Reileigh's Mom....


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