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Dec 22, 2011

Back Feels Better-Water Problems

Just a quick post. My back feels better though I overdid it, yesterday. I'm not supposed to be moving around much until tomorrow, but I had to move, yesterday. My trailer was flooded with water. Doesn't appear to be coming from ceiling/rain. It's been there a while--set the CO2 detector off. Fortunately, anything on floor level in storage was in plastic bins/containers. Since my eye surgery, I don't see very well (I can see distance fine-no worries with me on the road), so I didn't catch it the other day. Yesterday, I went in to investigate, again, and I saw a paper back book lying on the floor under the bed table and when I picked it up it was soaking wet and moldy/mildew so I knew it had to be there quite a while. What a surprise! I wouldn't have seen the water, otherwise. It's in the lower cabinets. I'm winterized, but I'm wondering if when I did it, I opened a valve that let the water out. It wasn't still flowing so I've had a heater going strong all night. I had to run it with an extension cord because there is no power to the trailer even while hooked to a land line. The water is down near all the fuses and breakers, but I didn't want to risk injuring my back trying to get down on the floor. (Why don't they think of us old folks when building these things?). Taking buckets of water out last night was enough--it's all at one end of the trailer, seemingly away from everything else "water". I do have an outside shower that I've never used, but I checked the lines going to it and they are full of pink and the shower itself is completely dry. So, this is written in a hurry, probably not making much sense--didn't get to sleep until 5 a.m. I think if I can get the electric hitch to work I'll hook it up and take it to camping world in the next week or two, but I'd like to see if I can get the electric working before that. The first year I winterized I forgot to bypass the hot water heater so I damaged that. It's gas lit from the outside so I'm going to see if they can install an electric water heater that can be turned on from inside and I want to put new tires on the trailer. I hope I don't have floor damage, and I think my next step will be to wipe everything down with bleach or a mildew retardent. I have no idea if it got to the wood under the tile. No pictures. Too Tired. I'm going to go on one of the help groups to see if anyone has any additional steps I should take before I hook up. Any thoughts you might have would be greatly appreciated. I just wish I could get at it, today, but my back comes first and it's going to rain until Saturday, I think.

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