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Dec 5, 2011

I Went to See Santa!

...and I want a big bone and...and a ball...and...

My sister,  Susie, surprised me today, and took me to see Santa Claus at PetSmart. She takes me every year. Then, I got to go shopping. Nancy takes me, but not when Santa is there. This was a special treat.

Nancy didn't go. I heard her mumbling about someone being nuts, but I LIKED Santa. It seems that Susie pleaded with Nancy to take Lizzie when she was young, and Lizzie being a young Lab, caused  complete chaos and almost knocked Santa out of his chair when she went charging up to greet him. That was at another place (fancier) where they were serving gourmet treats. Lizzie didn't get any because Nancy couldn't get to the door fast enough. Susie said she still laughs when she thinks about that day. Santa was straight ahead, Nancy had Lizzie on the leash, Susie opened the door, and Lizzie went charging to Santa who had an "OMIGAWD" look on his face! 

I'm also going to Susie's Christmas party, but I'm not sure what day that is. She invites me to her house whenever she has something going on. It's such a busy time of year for me--so many social engagements. Tuesday, Nancy and I are going to see Michael, Keely, and Peyton AND Bella and Bogey.

Nancy gave Susie a seatbelt for me for her car and also a cover for the back seat so I don't get hair all over. She says she could probably make five dogs out of what I've left in my beds in the back seat.


  1. Yes, I've seen what you leave behind, Jack. I've even worn it when I've driven with you and Nancy. The fact remains, as many dogs as we could make from what you shed, there will always be only one JACK!! You are most unique, as your friends, and even your doctors can confirm!

  2. Why, thank you, Ms. Gail. You and Mr. Paul are unique friends to Nancy and me, too.

    I'll never forget the quilt you made when Lizzie left. Nancy was going to hang it (I think she even made you put a place for the dowel), but then she decided to lay it across the bottom of her bed. Rich would have wanted it there because that's where Lizzie used to sleep.

    Everyone who knows me takes a little of me home with them. Isn't that a nice way to think about it.

  3. You are such a good boy. Skittlez and I were scared to death of Santa when Mom took us for pictures. We just barked and tried to hide behind her legs. Never did get a picture and Mom never made us do that again. I don't think we leave too much of ourselves on the furniture or laps and we sure do love those laps. Hope you get everything you asked Santa for.


  4. You party animal, Jack!! Have fun!..xoxo

  5. Jack, we got you a Christmas present. Get mom to help you watch it.(Tell her to bring tissues)
    Cammie, Blue, and Toby.

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  7. Thank you, Mr. Michael. Neither one of us can see through our tears. We are so glad to see such great pups set free to enjoy their lives as they should. Thank you for sharing.

    It's now listed in our favorite videos on the sidebar.

  8. OH Jack, how exciting for you. And yes you are so special and such a good boy.
    I always love to open the blog and see your beautiful,trusting and loving face. Hope Santa brings you good things.
    Fred has his stocking hanging on the fake fire place.


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