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Jan 7, 2012

Love My iPhone For So Many Reasons

Phone Calls, Calendar, Camera, Games, Aps, Clarity, etc., etc., etc.


  1. Well, it would have helped if I said the pictures were taken with it! DOH

  2. I just love that face Jack. You have the most loving eyes.

  3. Thank you, JoJo. My Lizzie used to have eyes that really were a window into her soul. She could say a lot of things just with her eyes. I think that's how we Labs charm everyone. :)

    I hope Nancy's back lets us travel, again, because we would really like to meet you and so many of the people we have met through blogs.

  4. I hope Nancy's back get better too. No one should suffer like that. And Fred and I would love to meet you both.

  5. Hey Jack, it sure seems your Mom likes to take pictures of you as much as my Mom does of us. They just never quit do they. My Dad's back has been hurting him so we're sure hoping he can have his surgery this month. And then we want your Mom and my Dad's backs to feel really good so they can go walking with us all the time.

    Scooter and Skittlez

  6. Yeah, guys, she's always taking pictures of me. She took a lot of scenery out west, and whenever we traveled, really, but I didn't start the blog until our trip west in March of 2010. She just gave her big SLR camera to my brother because she just wants to carry a little one-easier on her back-she can hook it to her belt loop, and it takes pretty good pictures as you can see--not sure how it will be with scenery, but hopefully we will find out.

    I sure hope your Dad's back surgery gets the job done and he's feeling like himself, again. Nancy got another set of epidural shots, yesterday, so no walks for me unless Susie gets off early enough to do go. Nancy had cervical spine surgery way back about 25 years ago after 15 years of pain, and she says it was like a Miracle. She and I hope for Jim/Dad. They are so much more advanced, today, Nancy says, that it's hard to believe that it's usually an outpatient surgery, now.

    Glad to hear from you, Scooter and Skittlez. Thanks for writing. Keep me posted about your Dad's surgery and recovery, will you?


  7. Well, DOH--those pictures were taken with her iPhone., whe'll get the camera out. ;-)


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