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Dec 23, 2011

Celebrating the Little Things in Life

Well, I said I wasn't going to write,again, but this was worth celebration. Jack and I went on the longest walk we've been on for months. Not exactly in the "wild", but a sunny pleasant day. I was a bit stiff, but had very little discomfort. As we get older, we really do appreciate the little things in life...just being able to walk was a reason for celebration.

We couldn't go to the nature center, Jack's favorite place around home, but we went up to the school and out the back on a path (can't really call it a trail), and it FELT so good. I have an iPhone--couple of my kids rave about its picture taking capability. I guess I would, too, if I didn't press the button by mistake and take pictures of the ground and the sky

I checked the trailer--water is still coming in. I think it must be from either my tail light or a pipe that has a drip. I dried up what I could and spread towels on the floor. I'm not letting it dampen my spirits (no pun intended). I'll think about it tomorrow says Scarlett

Jack was a happy boy. I'm so thankful that Susan was able to walk him while I was laid up, but surely missed our walks, together.


  1. Sure hope you can get your back taken care of. My wife is looking at something simular.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment, nice to know others are checking in on you.
    I like the link to the Military Working Dog Tribute, I was a dog handler in the USAF for 24 years. Thanks

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment, Kevin. Don't let Sheryl wait too long to get some treatment. I had no choice as I was tied up bringing Jack back from the grim reaper last year and he couldn't be left alone. He never knew he was on death's doorstep--always happy. He's cured, now, so I was able to leave him to go and get treatment, but the pain was really wearing. The epidural steroid shot, if that's what Sheryl needs, is not painful and will afford her great relief. On the other hand, she could have something like my friend who had the same kind of pain, they went in shaved a bit of bone (6 years ago) and she's been fine ever since. Unfortunately, my situation is not that simple.

    Thank you and your dogs for your service to our country. Glad you enjoyed the tribute.

  3. So happy that you and Jack got to take a walk together again. Just take it easy at first.
    If I don't get back to your both have a wonderful Holiday.
    And I hope they find your leak.

  4. You, too, JoJo. It was so great to walk. I can't figure out the leak. Nothing but the floor is wet. I had it all dried up and then it started seeping from the closed off department that houses the electrical stuff coming into the trailer. I thought maybe I made a mistake when I winterized it, but that water would be pink, and would long ago have emptied out. I've taken bucket loads of water off the floor. I'm wondering if it's leaking in through my tail light--that's the only thing I can think of, and we had very, very heavy rain, yesterday.

    I hope your Holiday is great, too, JoJo. If I get to go in March, maybe we can hook up somehow--even if it's just for a cup of java.

    Best wishes for a wonderful New Year.

  5. Maybe try putting some tape around the tail lights jus to check it out. If that's what it is you can take them off and recaulk.
    WOW if you come down in March I hope we can meet up.

  6. Jack certainly looks like he enjoyed that walk. Hope you are feeling better and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas.


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