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Dec 19, 2011

Epidermal Steroid Shot (Jim)

For anyone facing one, a little uncomfortable but NOT painful. I had two shots without any sedation (a local on each side of the spine). I have to stay put for three days (My "nurse" is on duty 24/7, now). Most of the time the shots do not take affect for between 3 days to 2 weeks.

I was SCARED going in as it was reminiscent of a myelogram that I had in the early 80s when everything that could go wrong went wrong.

This post is mostly for Jim so he knows what to expect. My daughter-in-law was asleep when they did hers. I guess it depends on the doctor. My surgeon told me I could have sedation, but from my perspective after speaking with the doctor who was going to do it, I really didn't need it and didn't want to be groggy afterward. They still insist that someone take you, wait for you, and take you home. CYA, I suspect.

Another thing they told me is that many times they have to do two or three shots. My surgeon said to call him in two weeks to let him know whether this session was successful. Now, I just hope it works. 


  1. My positive thoughts are with you.

  2. Wishing you the best and that they work.
    Jack take good care of your mom :)

  3. Jim had these shots several years ago and they worked quite well just not long enough. And after five of them, the doctor told him it wasn't working for him. Sure hope they work for you. He really was pain free for about three months and it was wonderful.

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  5. Thank you Gaelyn and JoJo. Sandie, my doctor just ordered one shot and others in the waiting room were on their 3rd (as I was eavesdropping). My doctor said he was only going to order one for now to see how long it would work. Some doctors prescribe a series of 3 in a 6 week span. I'm crossing my fingers. I'll take 3 months for now, hoping for better if I can get it. The pain is less tonight so I can get some sleep. Please tell Jim I'll be thinking of him and hoping for a permanent cure. I may have waited too long to have numerous disks slipping, but the good news is that the slip is worse on my right side, but it's my left side that hurts the worst and doesn't spread until I'm on my feet for a while. Before my neck surgery, the doctor back then said that people can walk around with slipped disks all their lives, and as long as it doesn't impinge on a nerve they don't know it. The nerves on my right side, evidently, haven't been touched (knocking on wood). Please keep us posted about Jim.

  6. According to Jim's MRI, his right side is worse than his left but it's the left side that hurts the most also. His are definitely impinging on his nerves. Sure hope all is going well and that you are feeling better and better.

  7. Hi, Sandie, I feel like I've been reborn. It is such a pleasure to be without pain that I'd be greatful even if it only lasted a week. Thanks for your concern. You would think the worst side would hurt...strange. Hoping for a permanent solution, soon, for Jim.


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