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Mar 24, 2017

Schooner Day

We went over Cooper River Creek late this morning and had lunch at Vickery's on Shem Creek. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed eating outside on the deck. We've had a full day.

We went for a walk on the dock afterward. I was so happy to be walking along the creek where the boats were with the marshes on the other side. When I was a kid, I practically lived on the creeks on the south shore of Long Island. Unlike Shem Creek, there were shanty shacks and one had to be careful not to fall through the dilapidated docks. I crabbed and when tide was low, I went clamming. I never lost my love of the water which I think is why I've never liked Atlanta. I don't like being land locked. Ten minutes into the walk I could barely move. I think I'm going to try a chiropractor when I get home. Anyway, the scenery was of some comfort.

Cooper River Bridge

Shem Creek

We knocked around for a while as we didn't have to be ready to board the schooner until 2:45. Susan hit some shops and I relaxed in the car. I think relax should be my middle name at this point. We went back to the dock and boarded on time. We had a wonderful two hour sail--saw lots of birds and dolphins. Two were enjoying some hanky panky.
Cooper River Bridge

Aboard the Schooner

USS Yorktown

Sails Up!

Fancy Shem Creek--Ahhh...the good life

The City as We Return to Dock

Ocean Liner Sailed from the Dock as we Watched
After we docked, we went for dinner on the water, again. Susan had spoken to one of her friends who she knew from her Charleston days and invited her for dinner. I wanted to be home early enough to dump and line up so that I just had to back an inch to hitch up. That plan was gone with the wind. Susan was going to leave very early in the morning, but she said she'd stay to help. She's a piece of work. I told her if she'd just guide me in the dark back to the hitch, I could do the rest in the morning. She's clueless. LOL I couldn't see a thing except her waving a flashlight and decided to call it quits before a disaster occurred.

She's going all the way home to Atlanta, tomorrow. I decided upon my arrival here that I was only going halfway home. It will be a lot easier for me. I won't unhitch. Bed time...hate to think how fast morning will be here.


  1. You really did have a full day. But oh the beautiful things you saw, all that wonderful water, ships and eating out on the dock. I also love the water makes me wonder how did I manage to be here I this stinking desert for all these years.
    Safe travels home

  2. I hear you about being land locked. There's nothing like the ocean to renew your spirit. Thanks for stopping in, Jo.

  3. I guess growing up in Montana I'm not really an ocean person. I've enjoyed being there whenever we've gotten to it, but I don't feel a pull from it. I would enjoy the tour though. I love doing tours. Learn so much on them.

  4. Hi Sandie. I was telling Susan, yesterday, I like the ocean when it's cool or at night. I'm not one that likes to bake in the sun and sand, but I could sit and watch the water on the Oregon coast for the rest of my life. I'd like to be on a canal where boats go in and out. That's how I grew up. Of course, we didn't have a boat but there was always something to do or mischief to get into around the docks. I love the bustling town of Newport Beach in Oregon.

  5. Enjoyed seeing these pictures, you got some great ones. Just catching up and I'm about a month behind.

    1. I had no idea you were reading. Doesn't make you want to go out west? Love you.


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