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Mar 19, 2017

James Island

Susan and I arrived at James Island last night. Unfortunately, my sister wasn't able to come as planned because her back is out (must run in the family). I'm worried about her--she's in terrible pain and will not go to the doctor.

We had to stay in overflow because of a misunderstanding. I know I made the reservation for the 18th. The woman must have misheard and I didn't check the confirmation closely enough. Lesson Learned. Wasn't bad. We were tired so we just went to bed early. Slept like a log. The weather is beautiful.

I was able to get in our site (the best in the park) this morning and set up which went pretty smoothly except that I misplaced my charging cord for my portable drill. I got three levelers down and it quit. I remember putting it somewhere I would remember. I tried to get one at Lowes, but I couldn't so I had to buy another drill. I know I'll find the charger for the other one tomorrow so when I do I'll give it to one of the kids.

Susan was up and out the first thing this morning to shower and went to get her nails done. Then she went off to see a friend who went to MUSC with her. They watched some sort of game and then went to dinner. Nice that she has her own car here. We can do our own thing and I don't have to worry about her in the tight parking lots with the truck. The last time we were here, she scraped it from the front to the back on a cement wall.

I relaxed this afternoon and then went over to see the sunset over the marsh. I had the wrong lens on my camera so my pictures didn't turn out well. I should have followed my instinct and just taken my point and shoot. The park is immaculate and huge. When I pulled in this morning there were lots of dogs at the dog park on the lake. Jack and Lizzie used to love it over there. Brought back lots of memories. Lots of bike paths, kayak, canoe, and bike rentals. I spoiled my sunset pictures. I went down to the fishing dock - got some beautiful pictures of dolphins when I was here one time. No luck and the sun was just a big blob.
Registration and Store

They light up this bridge for their Christmas Light Festival. Susan and I got to see it when we came over one October when they were testing the lights.

You can see that I had the wrong lens.

The Marshes are beautiful. Not so much in the summer when the bugs are out. I'll take better pix tomorrow.

He stood still. Darn - wish I had done better.

I probably shouldn't even post these, but it's for myself to look back.


  1. The pictures aren't bad. The birds are beautiful I want to be camped near water.
    I guessing your back is doing good. Have a great time.

    I will be heading out next week to see how everything goes. Still a little worried about going up north this summer with my breathing issues.

    1. Ah, thanks for stopping by, Jo. I have always disliked Atlanta because it's landlocked. I grew up near the ocean and canals and I love being around the water. I have to get caught up reading. I don't know where you're going next week but hope you have a good time. Maybe later tonight. Susan is getting itchy to leave for dinner, and I keep telling her "one more minute"!

      I don't have breathing issues, but the altitude bothered me so I can understand your concern. I would have loved to have taken my sister out west, but I was concerned about the heights. Again, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Glad you are out enjoying yourself and your back isn't bothering you.
    Your pictures did turn out nicely.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick. I just wrote another post and sounded like Debbie Downer--my back is killing me. I'm hoping it was from the long ride over here and hitching and unhitching. We shall see. As I said to Jo, I have to catch up to see what you guys are doing. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your pictures look just most of mine and I think they're great. Sure am glad you and Susan get to have a good relaxing time. Rocky Joe has settled in really well with us but his barking while we're gone is still a big problem. Will probably put a big dent in any sight seeing when we're in a campground. But he's worth it. He sure does love Jim.

    1. You're so sweet abut the pictures. Glad to hear about Rocky Joe. I don't know how you train an older dog not to bark. I'm sure it is a problem. I was fortunate with Lizzie and Jack, and now Bogey. So great that he loves Jim. I wonder if a dog behavioralist could help. Maybe some suggestions on the web, even. As much as I love the pups, the do put a crimp in what you can do. I was ready to do my thing, now, and along came Bogey. They more than make up for it, though. Glad to hear from you. Where are you, now? I'll catch up soon. I'm surprised anyone reads my blog any more--I've been so bad about reading.

      I'm still recovering from broken ribs, but what hurts more is the middle of my back which is most likely from the fall and after affects of the lower back surgery. I HATE getting old. Don't mind looking old, but I want to enjoy what time I have left and I feel robbed!


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