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Mar 22, 2017

Great Day in Charleston

Judy seemed a bit better, today. She got some relief from pain and her blood pressure is down. Not perfect, but better. Thank you for your kind wishes.

The weather was perfect. Clear, 70s, and no bugs! Today we went on our first tour. Though Susan went to school here, she had never been on a bus tour. We went to lunch, first, then headed over to Meeting Street. Our tour was supposed to be at 1:30, but we were early so we got on the 12:30 tour. I took most of the pictures through the bus window so they are far from perfect. There isn't one without a sign, a person, a wire, or a reflection but the architecture here just fascinates me. We really enjoyed our guide and hearing the history of the places we've walked by so often.

On the way out of James Island County Park, we passed the remote controlled sailboats that we've seen before and I was able to take a long (across the lake) shot of the dog park where Lizzie and Jack spent many a wonderful afternoon. This is a well used park. Nice to see so many people enjoying the outdoors.

After the tour we headed over to Sullivan Island and I had lunch at Poe's while Susan had a glass of wine. From there, we went to a few shops and then on back to James Island with a stop at Walmart for a few things. I'll post pictures below. Tonight I have a new movie to watch. I had a great library to choose from, but left most of them at home to make room for everyone. I dread unpacking and then bringing everything that belongs in the trailer back in.

Tomorrow is the Harbor Tour. I'll be happy if it's half as good as today's. It's supposed to be chilly so I imagine it will be even chillier on the water. Then back up into the 70s on Thursday. Yeah!

They take their races seriously!

On the weekends there are dozens of dogs. Jack once chased a ball that a young guy threw as far as he could throw it saying it was no good any more. Of course Jack didn't know that so as he was becoming a dot in the water as I was taking my shoes off to go in after him. He found the ball and turned around and came back. Probably would have mortified him if I did swim out!
Can't even describe how beautiful the weather was.

Susan and her new iPhone 7. Might as well carry around a computer. LOL
Now for some of what we saw on the tour--though I have hundreds of pictures I could bore you with. :)
This was Susan not too many years ago. Kids changing classes at MUSC. The campus is really all over the city for the med students--great place to go to school.

You can see the reflections, but the colors of the houses are so pretty. I always thought the huge mansions in the battery were the rainbow houses, but it turns out they are smaller homes on one of the city streets. They were on the other side of the bus so I couldn't get a picture.

These are some of the famous Sweet Sea Grass baskets "The blend of African and European developed into a unique culture called Gullah that exists today in Sea Islands along the southeastern coast and retains many West African traditions." History of Sweet Grass Basket Weaving

As you walk or ride through Charleston you see doors that actually do not go to the inside of the houses. They are for privacy for the porches. Single Houses

I thought this was one of the prettiest porches we saw, today.

One church is more beautiful that another, and many leave their doors open for visitors. The tour guide said that Sunday services are full. 

This is the entrance to the market which extends for blocks. Booths on both sides and in the middle. It seemed like a big garage sale to me, but a very popular place.


  1. Susan is so beautiful. I really wish we could some time exploring that wonderful city.

    1. Beautiful soul (hate to brag). Next time you come east, I'll meet you there! It really is a beautiful city. Our harbor tour was cancelled because of wind, today, but we are going on a schooner dolphin sale tomorrow. :)

  2. Seems I missed your yesterday post but I did go through it. Happy you had a better day and OH the beautiful pictures. The porches are to die for. I love the half rounded one I believe was your favorite too.

    Sounds like your sister is doing better.

    I will be getting my mattress for the bed tomorrow but I haven't don't much since we put the frame in as I have been running around and doing other things. Hopefully Friday I will get the rest of the prep done for the bed. Hope to pull out Monday for Madera Canyon for the test trip. Hope the air mattress works.

    1. I have a better day when I don't walk. :( Sure hope I can solve that, again. I'm so sick of it. As you walk or drive the streets of Charleston, one house is more beautiful than another. I wonder what it was like before Hugo!!

      Thank you for your thoughts about Judy, Jo. I hope her ordeal ends soon.

      I can't wait to see your camper when you are finished. I have to look up Madera Canyon. I hear the mattresses are very comfortable. Have fun!

  3. Charleston looks like an interesting place. The southern states have so much History.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks, Rick. The only problem is the crowds--something you don't have to deal with once you're out of the east and away from cities.


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