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Mar 21, 2017

Rude People in a Beautiful City

My sister, Judy, is in the emergency room today. Her blood pressure sky rocketed. Her son called me from Portland. He had called my other nephew so details are sketchy except that she was giving them a hard time about staying. I spoke to her this morning, but I know she fibs to me about how much pain she has. He called me back to tell me that my niece, who is a nurse, was on her way to the hospital--I think to convince her to stay. I don't know why she is so stubborn. If they could relieve the awful pain she is in, she should take the chance to get a rest. I'll know more tonight. The kids are going to call me. I've been worried about her and not too far behind her with my back. I can't tell you how frustrated I am--to be in the walking city of Charleston and unable to walk around to take pictures--it's miserable. Susan drove me down to the city park and I took a few from the water, but there's so much more to see. :( Worry about Judy eclipses all, however.)

Susan and I were so looking forward to returning to the Brick House for a delicious dinner last night. The signs were out. There were a couple of cars in the parking lot. Except that it looked a little unkempt (which I chalked off to the leaves), we thought it was open. I opened the door to see two women to my left at tables working on computers and on my right were chairs turned upside down on the tables. One of the women jumped up and said, "We aren't open. We haven't been open for six months.

She got up and practically pushed me out the door saying, "You have to go, now." I had already turned to leave, excusing myself, and saying that we had remembered a great meal the last time we were here. She was having no politeness. The door slammed and click went the lock. Such a shame. They weren't the two young women who owned it--maybe they were new owners? Susan and I left, laughing. Susan said she should go back and kidnap the cat and save it from the witch. LOL This cat loved Susan--we stopped on the way in and the cat wanted some petting.

We took ourselves back to Mondo and I had a light meal and Susie Salad had her usual fair

Today, we went into Charleston. I was so looking forward to taking lots of pictures, but I just couldn't walk for more than a couple of excruciating blocks. I saw a shoe store and stopped and asked if they sold Sketchers thinking that might help. I had even taken the muscle relaxer I'm supposed to take at night just before I left, but it did no good. I'm so disgusted. I got two pair--buy one pair/the other pair was half price. Didn't do a thing.

We went to lunch at Magnolias where I met the second cranky person. I went to the ladies room. There was the outside door and then another inside door (I actually thought there would be more than one stall and thought that's what I'd find when I opened the second door as the room I was in just had a sink). Nope I pushed on the door, it opened and a woman was pulling up her pants. She screamed an obscenity at me and walked over and slammed the door hard enough to take the hinges off. I waited as she was blowing her nose and washing her hands and then, I'm sure, just standing there making me wait. I waited patiently. She finally came out and called me ignorant for not waiting outside. I don't think she realized that I WAS outside--she had not locked the door. After she spat out a few more nasty words I said to her, "It's too bad you're stupid and did not lock the door," which made her even angrier. After she left, I really wanted to punch her face. I'm sorry I didn't.

So the city park was not too far, but far enough. There was no way I was going to get back to the parking deck. I told Susan to leave me to people watch while she did her thing. She stayed with me saying she was enjoying the weather and that she would get the car so I didn't have to try to make it back. Bless her was all I could think.

There wasn't much to see, but I took pictures of the little there was. I'll post them below. 
This is the Pineapple Fountain. I can't resist taking pictures of it whenever I come here. Heaven knows how many I must have.

Pleasant City Park overlooking the bay.

This is about the prettiest house I could see from where I waited for Susan. While waiting, I saw a bunch of dolphins pass by, but they were too far to photograph.

This little guy was taking a bath. I took a movie of him, too. Is he a crow? I tried to find his call on Chirp USA on my phone but didn't have any luck.

This guy stood still just for me so I could get a picture though he was far away. 

This was a Coast Guard Boat that was pulling in while I sat there. Again, it was far away.

This is the USS Yorktown across the harbor. I couldn't see if I was getting the whole ship, and as you see I didn't. Look how dwarfed the sailboats are next to her.

Please keep my sister in your healing thoughts. I'm crossing my fingers that they have convinced her to stay and get the BP under control and relieve her pain. I am so worried.


  1. It's so nice to hear from you again Nancy both her and in my comments. Hoping for the best for your sister. I'm sorry she is so afraid that she doesn't even want to know what is wrong. It could be something easily remedied. I think the pictures you did take are very fine but am so sorry to hear you are again having trouble walking. I think your bird is a grackle.

    1. Thank you, Sherry. I've been very delinquent. Thank you for your wishes for my sister. She's such a great person. I'm so frustrated with the walking. I didn't do myself any favor with the fall a few weeks ago, but I guess I need to be thankful for a year of no pain. I'm still hoping (crossing my fingers) that I can still go west in May. I'll need to see what the doctor says. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for letting me know that the bird was a grackle. There were lots of crows around, but I wasn't close enough to this one to tell. Regards to David.

  2. Sending prayers and hugs to your sister and you. It's hard to accept that our bodies are starting to fall apart on us. We don't do much walking at all because Jim just can't do it. So the sight seeing we do is where the truck can take us. That bird is too pretty to be a crow. Whatever happened to southern hospitality? You sure didn't find any.

    1. Thank you, Sandie. I worry about Judy. We are the only two left. We joke about "the race". I'm two years older so... I remember you once told me to sight see in the truck. That's easier to do out west...getting out west is such a long ride before the really pretty country is.

      LOL, I'm still annoyed at that one lady in the restaurant. Oh well, maybe she was going through some sort of difficulty. We never know.


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