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Mar 20, 2017


Susan and I walked around some of the less famous streets in Charleston. I'd like to say my back was okay so I wouldn't say I was "Debbie Downer", but it was agony. Still the city is so very beautiful, I wanted to do as much as I could. I'm very worried about my sister so maybe tension has something to do with it although it's usually the second day after doing strenuous things that is worst. We'll see, tomorrow.

After showers, Susan went running, etc., and I cleaned up the trailer. I was trying to get my new drill to work--not having much success. I had a very simple one, but I misplaced the charger and I am not going to wind down the stabilizers--that's for sure, so I went to a Lowes which isn't far from here and bought another Black & Decker. I was sure I'd find the charger, today, but no luck after emptying everything I knew to empty. Did I tell you this, yesterday? LOL

We went for lunch at Kickin' Chicken--nothing to write home about except for the sweet potato fries. The traffic in Charleston is incredible and trying to find a parking space is next to impossible, but we did it the second time around the block-pure luck. I have so many pictures of the famous homes and churches in Charleston that I thought it might be nice to see other side streets. I'm hoping tomorrow will be a better day for walking when I can really enjoy. Plus our bus tour is on Wednesday and the Harbor Tour on Thursday. I don't remember taking many pictures of the cemeteries, but they are picturesque. Some of the monuments must have cost a fortune.

After walking, we stopped in a little restaurant called Low Country. Susan had a glass of wine and I had a coke. We met a charming young girl who was the bartender. In talking, she said her folks came from Long Island--small world. That's where I'm from.

We are back at the campground for a little while, then going to dinner at the Brick House. It was new the last time we were in Charleston. Two young women opened it and the meal was delicious. The decorated with things from Good Will and Second Hands stores--no two chairs or tables matched, and it looked so charming. I'm pretty sure I took pictures last time, but I'll try to get some tonight.

See the horse and carriages on most all the streets. I feel sorry for the horse which is why I chose a bus tour.

Churches right next to one another.

Almost seems like they squeeze cemeteries in

The side of the church that is rarely seen in pictures.

It's hard to believe the Hurricane Hugo killed so many trees when Charleston seems so lush. I have a book called "Before and After Charleston". It states that there were enough trees lost to rebuild the city of Philadelphia". I can't imagine how the calculated that, but I do remember Rich telling me about Charleston before and after. I have only been since Hugo.

Cute little house--I was going to say shotgun house, but I think they are only one story.

Sleeping porches are very prevalent in Charleston. The summers are very hot and humid so I can understand why. They add so much charm to the homes. 

I thought this headstone was interesting. The bird is a South African bird called the Sankofa Bird. It's looking back over it's shoulder because it is learning from the past to move forward.

This was an odd cemetery. Had monuments like this one that must have cost a fortune, yet the cemetery was not kept up well, at all.


  1. Just love these Southern Cities and towns. I sure hope you are feeling better tomorrow. Bring the drill back to Lowe's maybe it is defective. Can't wait to see more pictures.

    1. Today was a better day, Jo, because I didn't walk. I think I got the drill working okay--they didn't have the simple one I had. All I need is for it to go one way and then the other. I know nothing of torque, etc. The antebellum homes in southern towns are beautiful, but nothing beats the west, in my mind. If I can get there, I will be sure to see you. My love to Fred.

    2. How's the camper coming? When is your maiden voyage and where to? I just looked to see if you posted, but nothing new, yet.

  2. I love the small tall house. So unique looking. Jim wouldn't know how to act without his drill.

  3. I never tire of seeing the houses in Charleston. Each time I say I'm not going to take pictures, bt I can't help myself. I think I got my drill working. I'm a little leery of them since I broke my arm. I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but the directions on things have gotten to be useless. I think these were written by someone who had never seen a drill much less used ones. Hi to Jim and love to the pups.

  4. I have only been to Charleston once back in 2012 when Michael and I visited you and Susan. What a beautiful city and you could spend hours looking at those gorgeous old mansions. Michael and I really enjoyed the historical tour, and the food is just fantastic. So much history all around you. Glad you and Susan had a chance to go, but I'm sorry about your sister having issues with her back. It's great that she's feeling better really does take time. Thanks for the Charleston picture tour!


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