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Feb 8, 2013

Road to Recovery

Always at My Side
I didn't realize just how restricted I would be after surgery, but I've been a couch potato long enough for a hundred people. I go back for my second post op check on February 14th. I've come a long way since December 3 (a very memorable day--sort of). I'm very grateful to my doctor. I had excellent care at St. Joseph's and couldn't ask for more.  I don't think they'll know if the fusion was a success until between three and six months. Even at that, I hope for some improvement in pain while standing and walking since there was more than enough to fix. I saw the x-rays at my first post op check--it looks like I have a bird cage inside of me! I'll spare everyone details of the surgery and recovery. The first few weeks were experienced through a drug haze of sorts.

Now, I can take pain pills every 4 to 6 hours, but have whittled it down to one in the morning and one at night and a half if I wake between 3 to 5 a.m. Haven't had to take that one for almost a week, now.

I get my exercise by walking around the house and trying to keep it above Board of Health standards. I hate clutter, but I have to keep everything at table height as reaching, bending, stretching, lifting, sitting, etc., are off limits.  I could make another dog from dog hair, but I get some of it up by improvising with my own method. I'm breaking the last (sitting) for just a few minutes. Still not proven is whether the pain is eliminated walking past 5 minutes. I am craving a "test walk", outdoors, without pain.

Jack has been ever faithful, but he sure looks forward to Susan coming to walk him. She has been wonderful--she's my link to sustenance and Jack's link to the outside world. We don't know what we would have done without her.

Well my 15 minutes is up. Down I go. Miss all my friends and blogging friends. Still a ways to go, but hopefully will get back to normal, in the near future.

(Note: I wrote but didn't publish some posts before surgery because I didn't want to alarm family in New York. My sister has enough on her plate to worry about. I guess I should have proofed them before I hit "publish"--I have no recollection what I said. It's old news, but there for the record.


  1. Nice to see that you're making good progress up the right road! Hang in there.

  2. Russ, thank you for all your comments. I didn't expect anyone to read the old posts. I'm not sure how this response will turn out as I can't read the screen on my phone. It's so nice to know there's a happy couple living in the place I hope to see again, one day. When I do, I hope to meet you and Donna. Thanks, again, for your kindness.

  3. I just got caught up on all the old posts. Sure glad your family as okay after Sandy and hopefully this storm this week-end doesn't cause them too much trouble. I don't care how old our kids get, we worry about them. Did they get to do the Make A Wish trip?

    So happy to hear that you are making so much progress but don't you dare over do it. I have no doubt that Jack knew you were nervous and he wanted to be near you. Not just cooler weather. News report sometime this week that said dogs are smarter than we think. I wanted to tell them that anybody who is owned by a dog, does know how smart they are.

    Sure will be glad to hear how it's going when you get beyond that first three months after surgery. That seems to be when the recovery seems to speed up.

    1. Thanks for writing, Sandie. Jim gives me hope that I'll get back to normal. Today was not a good day for some reason--maybe the weather but lots of pain that didn't seem to want to respond to meds. When I try to read anything on my phone I realize that I need to get to the eye doctor. And my luck-after not being on the computer until the first time to do this post, it's dead. I don't have the strength or sitting time to try to see what's wrong with a safe boot.

      Thank you, again for checking in, Sandie. Regards to Jim.

  4. I had a feeling you must have had your surgery when the last post was Thanksgiving. I always think about you and check for post. I was so happy to see this one.

    You are always in my best healing thoughts. Just do as they say and you should be traveling soon.

    Jack I know you are the best medicine for your mom. Keep her straight Jack. Love you from Fred. And me too.

    1. Hi, Jo! Didn't really expect anyone to still be following--pleasant surprise. I sure hope I can travel, again, but I have my doubts on days like this. Maybe tomorrow will be better, but I'm feeling a little discouraged. Sitting is painful, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to hitch up.
      Jack wags his tail back at Fred. I really appreciate that you didn't figure I wasn't going to blog any longer, Jo. Breaks my heart to think I might not travel, again, but even more discouraging is that I might not be able to join the women in my camping group--even locally. Well, enough pity party! Tomorrow is another day. Smooches to Fred.

  5. Hi Nancy. I follow your blog but my blog obviously didn't update! I just now have seen that you have posted. so glad you're back. What a precious picture of Jack. jeeeez

    Hopefully the healing energy will strike at any moment and viola! back to doing what you love when you want.... send a lasso out... ;)


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