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Feb 27, 2013

Aquatic Therapy

This morning I had my first aquatic therapy after an evaluation, yesterday. The pool is at a Community Jewish Center. It is quite a complex with schools, basketball courts, baseball fields, gyms, and so much more.

I had a little difficulty parking so I had quite a distance to walk. Mornings are my most painful time of the day so by the time I got to the building, and then walked the entire length of the building to get to the pool, I was in a world of hurt. I was concerned about how much additional pain I'd have in the pool. I was pleasantly surprised. 

I arrived early so I sat down and waited near their "office" and watched a senior aerobics class.
The "Office"
People "Dancin'" to the music

I can see how water exercise can keep you limber. And, it seemed to be a nice social activity, as well, with a lot of laughter going on. Reminded me of grade school. There were more women than men, but the men stayed all together and the women stayed together--a clear division. When I was a kid they had after school dances and usually the girls were on one side of the gym and the boys on the other--little dancing went on from what I remember. They did have one semester of gym dedicated to dancing with boys--yuk--mortifying. That changed (like 180 degrees) a few years later in junior high school, of course. :)

Francine, my therapist, arrived and introduced herself. She's a very nice person. I think we hit it off, nicely. We got in the pool and it actually felt good. The room, itself, is very warm and humid so it was actually nice to get in the water. She said we would start off easy, and it was. She said according to the reports from the doctor I am ahead of schedule (for my age). Yesterday, they had some timed walking tests--first race I've been in for many years! LOL

I had to laugh when she said she could tell that I had been an active person--me, the one who's been on the couch most of the time for a couple of years? She also said that I'm very limber for my age (I hear that phrase so often these days) so we wouldn't have to do much along those lines. The objective is to strengthen my core which helps the back. Mike, my unexpected commenter the other day, said exactly the same thing! She asked what my goal is and of course it's to get back on the road without pain! She said she wants to take her daughter out west and asked me about my travels with Jack. She didn't have anything negative to say about my goal so I'm thinking it's still in the realm of possibility. Let's see what magic she can work. 

I have another session, tomorrow, and I'm actually looking forward to it, especially since it's not as early. 

Bogey (middle son's dog) is staying with me for two weeks. He's a character.  He makes himself at home, here, as you can see. He knows his way around, and wants to do whatever Jack does. That's my pillow that he's sleeping on. Jack doesn't seem to mind his presence. In fact, I think he might like having him around and is amused by his antics. The first few times he was quite put out and stand offish, but I caught him taking a little sniff when he thought I wasn't looking.

Michael dropped Bogey off on Sunday. He and my granddaughter, Peyton, had spent a few days up at their cabin in Blue Ridge. They had a blast. Peyton wanted to go horseback riding. 

She's such a good natured kid--fun to be with.


  1. Good grief, Nancy … don't they have a handicapped space for you to park?

    A timed race… oh, me… well? I think water exercises are great. I used to do them on my own. I'm not good at group stuff. I wish I would do that again. I really enjoyed it. We have several senior centers here and one with two pools. I liked going into the lap pool and meandering a lap or two…lol ~ I would get out if there was a serious lap swimmer without a lane…

    Working the muscles… glad you enjoyed this and it almost inspires me to get off m'ass and join you… hah

    Bogey! what a shiny black coat! beautiful… and oh, your granddaughter! jeeeeez I hope to live long enough to see mine become a big kid!

    Good natured… the best and so cute! ~ love her smile ~

    1. oh, beautiful dogs! Sweet faces.

      Well, yes ... what's that old adage... no pain no gain... boo hiss on that ... I guess it's true... bless yer bones!

      Peyton if your youngest? oh, wow. well? my little granddaughter will be three in April and Charlie was just born in January ... and I'll be 70 next month..

      SOoooooo hopefully I'll see them reach high school! oh, jeez... well? my Mother lived to be 96.5 ~ whatever ... as long as I don't go piece by piece...

      and Sandie! well, I don't recall reading how old you are but well... from your pictures ~ you still got a while... a little grandson to go fishing with Jim? aw

    2. Hi, Carolyn. All dogs are beautiful. I don't think I'll use that old adage, again. You're hiss on that one! My oldest son is 51! Geez, how did that happen? He's coming down to visit this evening. He's such a joy to be around.

      My sister has little grandkids. Three is such a cute age. I'm glad I don't have one that age--I wouldn't be able to enjoy the cuddling, etc. You have good genes! You'll probably be whizzing around 20 years from now. :)

      I LOVE to see Grampas and grandsons fishing, together. Sandie, you're assigned to snap a shot of them from behind standing side by side, fishing hats on, poles in the water. How adorable will that be! I have one of Rich with my eldest granddaughter when she was little. My sons were girl makers. All five beautiful.

  2. Water therapy is so much easier on a body (especially at your age!!) Happy it went well for you. My goodness, Bogey has the shiniest prettiest coat. And Jack is such a sweetheart to put up with him. Our girls wouldn't be so nice. Your granddaughter is just delightful. I"m like Carolyn - sure hope I live long enough to even see a grandchild.

    1. I was amazed, Sandie. I had a lot of pain on the way home, but popped that pill as soon as I hit the house, and relaxed. I'm fortunate--great kids, great granddaughters, great pups. I don't go until 11 today so I have some time to bide. I'm hoping the morning pill kicks in all the way before I get there. What? You called me a namby pamby? You're right! I'm so sick of pain--can't even imagine the day I wake up and don't feel it. Hi and good fishing to Jim!


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