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Jan 18, 2013

Cold Feet? 2

It's November 1.
Hoping to hear particulars by tomorrow and have an opportunity to ask some questions. I have found that doctors generally anticipate any questions and answer them before they are asked. I am experiencing a few jitters, tonight. Not so much about the surgery although it is going to be extensive, but about after care. So many things to think of. Jack is just about taken care of. Hoping to avoid a rehab facility. I've been trying not to read much on the web, but I felt I should prepare myself somewhat, if only to get things I'll need on hand. It's a long recovery just for fusion; don't know that fractures add much to that. Maybe the unstable vertebrae cause the fractures. I don't know. I can think of any number of times I could have injured my back, but my inclination is to blame all the years at a desk job--some days 12-16 hours.

Tomorrow I have to get some things from the safety deposit box and ask my long term insurance if they'll pay for a nurse to come to the house and a bed, walker, etc. I also have secondary insurance from the company I retired from which is supposed to cover what Medicare doesn't. I figured I could have the documents and insurance numbers on hand when the nurse calls me. No driving for 6 to 8 weeks. Even at that I probably won't be able to get into the big truck--can always rent a car for a month or so, I guess. My mind is starting to race. Now, if only Jack could drive! Speaking of Jack, he's spending a lot more time up on the couch with me. I wonder if he senses something or it's just the weather getting cooler. I suspect the latter. Weather changed drastically, today. I'll take it over hot summers any day. I have family on Long Island right outside of NYC that I'm concerned with. Storm surge could become a problem for them.

I never had to think of these things before. Rich took care of everything. My kids are wonderful, but those of you who are couples know that there's a difference knowing you're not coming home to the person you live with. I'm glad Jack is here with me, tonight.
Couldn't you just squeeze his cheeks? When he sleeps he sleeps!

Half Awake

Where He's Been Hangin' out more lately. That's my leg!

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