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Feb 28, 2013

Quick Therapy Update

Therapy was a little more rigorous, today, but I had no trouble keeping up. I even surprise myself. I've been immobile for so long I thought I'd be dying, but the hour flies by and I feel good in the water. Francine is very conscious about following the doctor's prescription. If it is close to what he tells me, she's got some guidelines regarding bending and twisting. A lot of it is balance, weights, and strengthening "the core" (Are you reading, Mike?) :) Medicare requires an evaluation once per month regarding payment of physical therapy. My doctor's appointment is April 3 so I don't know if I have to change it or not. I'll find out next time.

Nothing hurt until the walk back to the truck and driving home. I'm finished until the 6th and 7th, but there are some things I think I can continue out of the water. I keep hoping that I can continue to's what keeps me going.

What's a blog without a few pictures. I look at them all the time, and I CAN'T WAIT to get back to some of the places! So, I'll tack on a few at the end. I read a blog this morning and some of the pictures reminded me of some I had taken.

Jack and Bogey went nuts when I got home. I'm trying to pay attention to Bogey without putting Jack's nose out of joint. Bogey was through my legs, butt tucked around the house, back through my legs...happy, happy boy! Jack just wanted me to pet him and talk to him. He really is very good natured. Bogey doesn't realize when he's traveling so fast that he can't stop on a dime and many times winds up sliding right into Jack. When he was here in December of last year, he ever so slowly slinked onto part of Jack's bed. I remember Jack opening one eye, pretending he didn't know he was there. I guess he figured he'd let the little guy get a little closer.

That's me on the left side of the picture. Next is Peyton--the little one in the pictures of yesterday's blog. Can you believe how much she has grown up in three short years? Next to her are Susan, my daughter, and Keely, Peyton's sister.
The Old Road - Lewiston ID

My Roomie--so good to see him when I woke each morning

Payette Lake, McCall ID

My goal is to see this little house, again. Mendocino, CA. If I were younger, I'd give my right arm to live in it.


  1. Keep up the good work and you'll reach your goal.

  2. Great pictures, I know they bring back happy memories. That's the best thing about pictures. But don't give away your right arm. You'll need it for balance. Sounds like you are moving right ahead. So glad to hear that.

    1. I'm giving it all I've got, Sherry. I just hope it works!

  3. Nice to meet you... love your hair! so full ... mine is falling out... Sherry's picture of her in a bathing suit! you see that? ...

    I have a bathing suit but ... I can't bring myself to fetch it ... maybe after I'm out of this room with the mirror taking up half a wall! terrible thing.

    aww and Jack all snugged in his blankie... HAHaaaaa oh, me.

    1. Carolyn, you are too funny. I was cutting my own hair on that trip--without a mirror!!! Oh, come on, I thought you'd be in a yellow polka dot bikini! LOL

    2. lmao.. well? I could certainly don the yellow polka dot bikini .... but it wouldn't be much of a little bitty teensy weensy one ...


  4. Just keep telling yourself I can, I can, I will! Watch out Bogey doesn't knock you over.
    Love that little house. Really nice pictures today. I need to get out and do something. weather is warming up now.

  5. Following your recovery. WHEN you get back to Northern California I hope we can meet in person. -- CoolJudy

  6. Following your recovery. WHEN you get back to Northern California I hope we can meet in person. -- CoolJudy


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