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Mar 3, 2013

Oh, My Achin' Back...

I was so happy to get through physical therapy on Wednesday doing so well. BUT! My back decided to object around 5 a.m. on Thursday morning and is just now letting me start to move a bit. Wow, that was unexpected, but that I could even do anything in the pool was unexpected. I have been in a world of hurt. Thank goodness I don't go back until the 6th. I wouldn't be able to drive to get there. I'm back on pain meds every four hours and even that is not keeping it fully under control, but it's a little better this morning. Except that I think this is probably to be expected, I'd be awfully depressed. Trying to keep a positive outlook.

Susan and Ron took off for Puerto Rico for a little R&R, hopping over to St. John's after two days. 

John came down to visit on Thursday. He's always such good company even if I'm lying on the couch. We just ordered a pizza delivered. He's so easy. Michael is in Los Angles this morning. He'll be meeting my niece, Linda, for breakfast. Then he flies back to somewhere in the midwest for business and home late Tuesday night. Amazing to think how mobile the world is, today. Susan thinks nothing of hopping a plane to go shopping in NY on a weekend or to Florida for a couple of days for a bit of sun in the winter.

I'm proud of all my granddaughters, but Keely, Michael's eldest, gets the spotlight this post. She got a job at Wendy's, and she is thrilled. I remember how happy I was to get my first job as a kid. It isn't as easy for kids, today. Adults are taking jobs that ordinarily would have been left for kids. Michael took her to get her prom dress a few weeks ago. She tried it on for us to see. Can you imagine when her hair is done and some dangly earrings to finish the look? I want to get her her shoes to go with it--some bling to match the bling on the dress. Excuse me while I brag a bit. :)

Clowning Around
Jack is funny. Now, when ever I put him and the little guy out in the yard, he sits and waits for Bogey. He won't come in until Bogey decides to stop goofing off, and it's cold out! I'll bet it was in the teens as Jack sat, patiently, and waited during the night. He used to do the same with Lizzie, but he was in love with her. I think this means he's starting not only to tolerate Bogey, he's starting to like him.

Jack chooses the other couch to sleep after visiting me for a while. Bogey is cold; he doesn't have a lot of hair, like Jack.  He moves down into the spot (thank you for getting off my head, Bogey) Jack warmed up for him; I wrap him up in a blanket and he's in heaven.

Now, posting doesn't seem right without a picture of my boy Jack, even if it is a repeat.