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Jan 18, 2013

And, the Wait Continues...3

I was glad to find out that my family in NY all appear to be okay in the wake of Sandy though trapped in their homes--except for my sister who went into work to look after the elderly and people recuperating from surgery. I have forgotten the name of the place, again, but she is Director of Admissions. I asked her a number of years ago what the name was and she said, "The Waiting Room to Heaven."

I thought, "What a pleasant name (I think it was a home only for the elderly at the time)." Anyone who asked me where/what she did I told them that she worked in a home for senior citizens called "The Waiting Room to Heaven".

I got a few peculiar looks, but never thought much about it. It came up in conversation between the two of us and she fell over laughing. She said she was just joking. Mind you, years had gone by. We still laugh about it. She's very, very good to the residents, and I'm sure she's in there today doing the work of aides who couldn't make it in. I never met anyone who didn't love my sister.

Looks like everyone in the northeast has a long road ahead before getting back to normal living. My niece has power, but 80% of Long Island doesn't including my sister. At least I know if it gets very cold Judy and her husband can go there. No damage or flooding for my family according to my niece.

I got a call from the surgeon's office, this morning. Surgery is scheduled for December 3. A week before I have a scheduled visit to the doctor for details, and then I'll go over to the hospital for a pre-op exam. Everything is red tape in healthcare these days. This is the first time I have ever had to have a chest x-ray before any surgery.

I was asked if I had any problems, and I was glad to report none that I am aware of.

Nothing like a little waiting to get one's nerves started and doubts swimming around in the brain. (Not so much about the surgery, itself, but about being dependent on anyone during the initial weeks of recovery.)

The short discussion about recovery time/period is enough to scare me away. It made me wonder whether even with surgery I'll ever be able to camp or travel, again. Well, in comparison to other people's problems and sorrows, I won't complain. I don't like waiting--it makes me nervous, but that's just tough as some would say.

Here I ran around and hurt all night last night because I wanted to get documents from the safety deposit box, had my hair cut appointment, etc. only to find out I'll need another before I go in AND now I have to worry about having a fire and losing the papers. I haven't posted these last posts because   my sister has enough on her plate to worry about.

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  1. Glad to hear that your family was all safe after Sandy. That was such an unprecedented storm!


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