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Feb 5, 2012


One could look at this as good news or bad news. Jack and I have been hanging around the house, bored to tears, except for our walks. That's better than dire illness, but it gives one time to wonder how much time is left on this side of life. How much time is left with limitations that keep me from doing what I want to do.

As far as I know, I have no life threatening illness but I've got problems that could keep me from my dream trip in March. And, I'm mad. One is the old back that you've heard me complaining about before. The pain reared its ugly head, again,  yesterday.

Fortunately, Susan is on call, so she came over to walk him, today--he was so happy to see her, he was butt tucking around the house--he loves her. 

I have the wanderlust, and I want to take Jack west, again. I live it, I dream it, and without that dream I don't have much to dream about, or for that matter--not much to live for. I can't stand the thought of spending another hot, humid, insect infested summer in Georgia. I want to see the mountains of Idaho and Colorado, more of Montana and Washington, the coast of California and Oregon, and new lakes and glaciers. I hate knowing where I'll be every night and all day.

I got the trailer leak fixed--water coming in through the tail light and a new, better inverter. I can't allow myself the luxury of a new hot water heater or tank (whichever it is), but the guy who came out to fix the leak (that I fixed) said he doesn't think it's that--more like a connection leaking. The question is, "Do I trust him?" I'll see in the next couple of weeks if I want to spend the money to let him check it out. Otherwise, I'll just leave it bypassed and I'll have to try to find places to take showers (see, subconsciously, I still think I'm leaving!). I Still have a new 2000eu Honda in the box, but can't lift it up onto the bed of the truck which needs to be detailed and the bed organized. I just can't do it. Heck vacuuming a room does me in, so I take one room at a time. Frustrating.

Jack is doing just great--lively and ready to run/go any time of the day or night. He's such a happy pup. Thank goodness he is healthy. Considering what happened last year, I'm very grateful.

If I go without attending to my back, there will be little walking--especially no hills. Jack's well behaved enough so that I can get him out and find places to let him run, especially when we're out in the boonies, but getting out on foot to explore was half the fun last time we went. On the positive side, driving doesn't bother me and neither does lying (or is it laying) down. Well, maybe I can just find a lake or a stream, sit on a log and throw sticks and balls for him to fetch--let him swim until he's tired.

I'm writing because I'm bored. I'm writing because I miss my old pal too much to describe, and my pup, Lizzie. I'd love to post some pictures, but I don't have any to post.

*They* say you are as old as you feel. Today, that's not a good thing--I find myself wondering how I got here so quickly.

Well, this was a boring post, as promised in the title, but it was good to write it. My hope is that those of you who can still travel, realize how lucky you are and to remind you to enjoy your days to the fullest. For those of you who still have your soul mate-- enjoy every moment, together. Take not a moment for granted for it can all end in an instant and life is never the same.

So, to try to satisfy my yearning, today, I looked back through pictures and remember where I was when I took every one of them. I wish there had been or that I knew of blogs when Rich and I traveled and digital cameras. I have thousands of 35mm pictures.

Random Memories of my last trip with Jack...
Near Bruce Meadows ID
View From My Campsite-Stanley ID
The Sawtooths
Along a River...somewhere in ID
For Sale in McCall ID
Octopus Tree
On the Way to Ghost Town, Warren ID

Payette Lake ID
On the Way to Salmon ID
On the Way to Stites ID
Ribbon Road to Lewiston ID
A Part of Some Lucky Soul's Homestead
That's Mt. Ranier above the clouds!
Add caption

Oh, My Oregon Coast
Following the Trask River
Wandering around the water near Tillamook OR
The Mighty Columbia River
Oregon Coast on a Windy Day
Astoria OR
Where Rich was Stationed
Home Sweet Home

View From Mendencino
One of Few Pictures Along the Coast Road From San Francisco to Oregon

The Headlands


Sausalito CA

San Quentin

North of Chama NM

Lemon Lake


  1. Never loose your dream. You can make what you want of it.

  2. I'm so sorry your back is giving you so much trouble. We are certainly hoping that Jim's surgery will give him some relief from all the back pain and that he can walk more than a block. And even with the girls to keep me company it's strange not to have him here with me. Makes me think about the future which most of the time I try not to think about. I hope you will be able to make the trip out west. We were able to see some really great places even though Jim couldn't walk very far. Amazing what you can see from the truck if you take the time to just stop and enjoy.

  3. Thanks, Gaelyn...I'm trying.

    Sandy, you said what I was thinking. I may have to alter a few things, but I can still enjoy an awful lot. Sounds like Jim and I suffered from the same sort of injury/degeneration. I've been thinking of him, and I hope that he is quick to recover and able to do all the walking he wants to do. I think putting surgery off for a year will save me the "I wish I hads..." If Jack and I were younger, I might be looking at things differently.

    You are a great couple and it makes me happy to know that you have each other.

    Thanks for writing, as always. I'm a little embarrassed about my little "pity party", but blogs are for writing. Maybe my kids will see things through my writing some day. I know they worry, but some of them worried before I left last time, then there's one who says "Go for it!"

    Please keep us posted about Jim. I wish him the best and hope he has the same result as I did 25 years ago. He'll feel like he can climb a mountain!!!

  4. LOVE your pics! I always wanted to travel, but just never got to. Life and circumstances you know. I can enjoy what others show thru their blogs. TY!

  5. Trouble, It's rewarding that someone even looked at my pictures. I love looking back and remembering. I have a bookcase full from trips out west between 1999 and 2004.

    I miss not sharing the wonderful sites with my husband, but I have learned that if I can't be with him, I'd rather be alone--except for some wonderful women (who have become wonderful friends) I camp with, locally and mostly in the southeast. I'll continue to do that, if possible, when I get back.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I really hope your back gets better and you get to go on your trip out West. Likely I won't be RVing yet at that point and I'll need stories like yours to keep me going. :)

    I count myself as very lucky to have figured out that I want to go traveling this early in my life, and I sort of don't know what to say in response to this post since I've never experienced this kind of debilitating problem and I feel like anything I might add would come out as shallow. All I can say is, I'm with Gaelyn and I hope that even if you can't do everything you did on your last trip, that you find ways to work around it and still get out there and enjoy yourself.

    Thanks for posting this though, and for reminding me to be thankful for what I have.

  7. You're a sweetheart, Becky. You have your whole life ahead of you to plan and enjoy. I wish it to be full of happiness, but glad you're taking your time preparing for your adventure. Do you know there are more women solo RVers than men? At least that's what I read this morning. Sorry I missed the program.

  8. Yes you can still dream and they may still come true.
    You may be limited but not at a total stop. Just know your limits and do what you can.
    I love your pictures they are so beautiful. I don't know why I don't have any from the times we shared trips. Maybe because there wasn'ta good camera available. I miss mine to and still have bad days. But then I force myself to pick me up and go on.
    I would love to meet you WHEN you get here.
    Maybe Jack can teach Fred some new tricks while we sit an watch and enjoy what we have.

  9. Or...maybe Fred can teach Jack his tricks!!

    Yup, put one foot in front of the other. I did best when I was on the move on my trip west, JOJO.

    I have so many pictures - but they are not digital. I started to scan the old "people" pictures, but it's time consuming so I'll do them when I can't do anything else OR my kids can do the ones they want when I'm gone.

    The random pictures I put in this blog brought me right back to the moment when I posted them. It's amazing just how beautiful this country is.

    Thanks for checking into my blog.

  10. I so enjoyed looking at your pictures. You have some beautiful shots there as well as some beautiful memories. I sure hope your back allows you to travel west this summer. Give us a holler if you get near Eugene. Glad to hear you were able to make a collage so easy with Picasa.

  11. Thanks about the pictures, Donna. It's nice to share them with someone. I'm determined to go west--back or no back.

    I will most certainly post either on this blog or yours that I'm in the area. Would love to meet you and Russ.

    The collage was made with an ap for Macs free for the time being. I'm not at all artistic, but this just about does it itself. One day when I'm not tired, I'll try to make a half way decent one and post it so other Mac users can see it and download the software.

    Always enjoy your blog.

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  13. Hi Jack B. Nimble. Thanks for following me at A Camp Host's Meanderings. Love that you love photography and your dog and travel too! Hold onto your dream. You can make it happen. You will make it happen. A pat for the doggy for me! Levonne

  14. Thanks, Levonne. Glad you stopped by, and glad you are at peace.

    I met some of the women from our camping group for dinner, tonight, and met two new gals. I've made some great life-long friendships with this group of ladies. I'm still hoping to go west, but at least I know if I can't, I will have the pleasure of resuming camping with my friends.

  15. Was just checking out your site. Loved the tribute to Military Working Dogs. As a 24 year Military K-9 Handler/Trainer, I can so relate.


  16. Kevin, thank you for YOUR service to our Country.

    I hope any man and woman who served knows that there are those of us who are beyond grateful.

    As far as the dogs who served--I'm sure they saved many lives and I believe they are the unsung heroes of war, and they continue to serve our country.

    We owe these men, women, and dogs more than just a thank you.

    Again, thank you for your service, Kevin.

  17. Thank you, Gypsy. I never tire of seeing pictures of the places I've been. It's so hard to believe that there are such beautiful places on this earth. Appreciate your comment.


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