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Feb 23, 2012

Setting the Record Straight [getting on soapbox]

For those of you who may have seen the word "contribution" in my post on the 21st, please note that it was a request for "information" not money. Another blogger posted on their blog that it was time for me to "stand on a street corner" obviously skimmed and made an incorrect assumption and chose to chastise me on their site instead of leaving a comment on my post.

They obviously don't read their comments, either, because they also said that it was odd that my rebuttal was the first time I ever posted a comment on their blog. I suggest they go back to read as I have--I have posted numerous times.

Petty and boring to many, I'm sure, but maybe a lesson learned. I would have preferred that the displeasure had been posted in a comment under the "offending" post so that I could have cleared the air promptly. [stepping off soap box]

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