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Jan 21, 2012

I Take Back What I Said About the iPhone

I've owned the phone for a while, now. It takes good pictures and it's always with me so that makes the camera handy.

My Review will, hopefully, save some people some money.
- Poor reception
- Terrible Battery Life
- Great Aps

I think it was rushed to market--maybe it had something to do with Jobs' death. I would NOT buy it if I had it to do it over, again. This is the first Apple product I have ever been disappointed in and I've had Apple computers, etc., since the 1980s. Apple is completely unreasonable when it comes to its contract agreement with Verizon and visa versa; a company that will say anything to get business and has terrible customer service. AppleCare, once a great benefit to anyone owning an Apple product, has gone down hill fast regarding tech support on computers so I have no doubt that they are poor in regards to the iPhone. as well.

Wait for the 5 and see if it is any better before buying. Hopefully, if consumers have come to the same conclusions as I have, and they voice their opinions, Apple will move to improve their product with very necessary upgrades.