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Feb 20, 2012

Disappointed - Dreams Dashed

Not the first time, probably not the last. Not the biggest and not the smallest. Time of life makes a difference, though. The older one gets, the more impact disappointment has because there's not a lot of time to make up for it.

Wonder if there is anything happy in my world at the moment. Even the daffodils know--they came early so there will be no spring color <shrug>. Maybe they are pissed, too. I know I'm spoiled because there are so many who have much more serious things and dashed dreams to be sad about, but I'm allowing myself a moment. Forgive me. 
A Flower for Me

I was venting and didn't intend to post this because I was/am ashamed of myself for even writing it. I was brought down to earth by some very happy news about a little girl who has the right to be disappointed for having her dreams dashed at such a tender age. She couldn't go where she wanted to go this year or do the things she wanted to do this year; and she was very sick on top of all that.

My little grand niece, Mary, is going on a maintenance drug. She has fought a valiant battle this past year, and the next 18 months are not going to be easy for this brave little girl, but if I can rejoice because we've hit a milestone in a little girl's illness, how then can I be disappointed in anything else. How can there be room for my disappointment. I guess it's a flaw in human nature for which I humbly apologize to Mary.
A Flower for Mary