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Nov 1, 2011

Cozy Bear in Cherry Log

I spent a wonderful couple of days with my son at his cabin in Cherry Log near Blue Ridge. The ride up was beautiful, and I didn't get lost! It was good to get away from suburbia and the confines of the house. Jack enjoyed the new smells, and while I couldn't walk him far, at least he saw something new. He made himself comfortable by the fireplace; settled in comfortably as he always does no matter where he is as long as we are together.

John thinks of everything--he's an excellent host. We enjoyed several scenic rides on the back roads, ate at some great roadside restaurants (one called the "Pink Pig") and we went last night to see everyone in the county, I think (young and old), in costume in the town of Blue Ridge. We also took a ride to my younger son's cabin--Watersound in Blue Ridge. When they aren't using the cabins, they rent them--I was reading through the visitor books and saw some wonderful comments from people who had enjoyed their stays.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of the changing leaves and our ride through the countryside. I didn't take any of the Halloween celebration last night--easier to walk without lugging a camera.


  1. Anyone else having trouble understanding the new Google Reader. I hate it when things are "fixed" that weren't broken.

  2. This looks like beautiful country. Much better than suburbia. Nice fall colors.

  3. Really is beautiful, Gaelyn. I could live up there.

  4. Such beautiful country. Glad you had a relaxing time and Jack was happy as always.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  5. Gorgeous colors!

    And, finally I have updated my blog.

  6. Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing your photos.


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