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Nov 8, 2011

Our Little Oasis

I have written often about the nature center. Rich used to walk Lizzie and me there every day rain or shine.
After Rich was gone, Nancy walked me every day and Susie would take me, too. When I was sick last year and we had to stay close to the vet, Nancy took me here no matter what the weather so that I could get out. Since I felt well, I was able to go, and I never got tired of going.

Nancy hasn't been able to go because of her back, so Susie has taken over.

Today, though, Nancy took me out for my "short" walk and said she was going to try to make it to the nature center. I was so excited. I know it hurt her, but she said when we got there, "I'm so grateful we have this place, Jack."

I am, too.

Susan got off work early and as usual, even though I'd already been there, I conned her into another walk. Nancy said she was going to drive up to get some pictures. They didn't turn out as well as she wanted, but they give you an idea about how important the nature center is to us. Nancy only got pictures of a small portion of it. She waited until Susan and I came around the bend, and there she was! They've made the paths so that it feels like you're moving deep into woods, but the fact is that they are winding up and down and around. You'll see the creek that I get into once in a while when I can (it's dry, today)...and the mud! Yes!
This is Susie with me, but Nancy usually rests on this rock. In fact, Nancy rests everywhere when we are here.
They made a place that simulates a swamp.
This is one of the trails
Me and Susie on the trail
Wouldn't you think we were in the country? When we leave, we're on the busiest street in our town. Can't hear the cars from here, though.
Susie and me on a bridge
This is when I first saw Nancy
This is where I usually escape down into the creek
This is where Nancy stands and tells me to get up out of the creek or she'll brain me.
The rest of the pictures are just from different angles and of Rich's bench. Maybe some day, Nancy will be able to walk and take pictures of the whole nature center. She never takes the camera with us on our walks because there are a lot of roots and it's hilly and she's afraid to fall (and break the camera).

This is the bench that Nancy put here for Rich. It has his name, Lizzie's name, and my name on a brass plaque. Unfortunately, even though it has been weather treated it is aging from being exposed to the elements. Nancy sits here and thinks, and so do I. We can hear the little water falls. Maybe when it finally disintegrates, she'll put a granite bench.


  1. You have a beautiful place to get away to there Jack. I am so glad you get to go there often. And hopefully Nancy will soon be better and can take you.

  2. You day I am going to figure out who is really talking...jack..susie...nancy..jack?? contribution to Wounded Warriors just made me so happy....I will think of that kind deed when they are taking the flag off the casket to give to my mom this Friday...thank you for all your kind comments about my dad..

  3. Jack usually writes when blogging...exception, today about the nature center. He is yellow.

    Susie is my daughter. I call her Susan. Jack calls her Susie.

    Nancy? Well, she's the one who will be thinking of you this week. We are all very indebted to your Dad for serving our country. He was a very special man.

    Rich's Flag is always within view when I sit and write. I remember the moment it was handed to me and my children. It's a moment you'll never forget.

    Again, love to your family, Sheryl.

    Thanks for your comment Jim and Sandie. The NC has been a God send.

  4. That was dumb. I meant to say "Jack usually writes when TRAVELING"...

  5. What a peaceful place I love it. And I am happy you have it for your walks and thoughts.


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