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Oct 22, 2011

It's My Turn!

I finally got myself to the doctor last Wednesday. My self-diagnosis was correct (isn't the internet wonderful). My daughter had recommended a very nice doctor and I liked him, his staff, and the way the whole process worked.

I am on a large dose of anti-inflamatory medication and the doctor said 4-6 weeks of physical therapy. However, if I'm not feeling better after 2 weeks, he wants me to call him and he'll do more tests and maybe try a shot of some kind, then surgery if that doesn't work. I told him I was going to make a trip west. He assured me that even after surgery I would be recovered enough to go. That's the best news I've had since September 30.

I was going to walk up to the nature center, where Susan and I walk Jack, to take some pictures, but I made myself walk there last Tuesday and almost didn't get back. I was ready to go to the doctor after that little venture. I'm going to take the car up next week and I'll take pictures so you can see how fortunate we are to have this little bit of heaven right in the middle of chaotic suburbia.

Jack is funny. Sometimes he walks out to the mailbox with me and when we walk back, he lays down by the trailer like he's pretending to camp. The trip to Gulf Shores whet our whistles. He goes to our regular vet soon for his shots so he'll be ready to go as soon as I'm able.

Jack and I are going up to Blue Ridge to my eldest son's cabin for two days. I'm looking forward to getting away. He and my daugher-in-law make it so comfortable not only for themselves and family, but for the people who rent it. They even decorate it for Christmas and Thanksgiving. It's very homey.
Cozy Bear

I'll bring my Kindle and curl up with a book right here on the porch.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place to curl up and relax and read. My favorite things. Glad the doc had such favorable info for you.

  2. That cabin looks wonderful. Love big porches like that.

  3. You have to admire a dog that knows what he wants. Just like Jack, I like to pretend I'm camping too :)

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon and ready to hit the road, as Jack surely is. Love the cabin. Have fun.

  5. Thanks for your positive comments, everyone.

    And, yes, I'm ready to hit the road.

  6. So glad you went to see a Dr. and sounds like he is going to take really good care of you.

    I know Jack is ready to hit the road and start posting again. Give him a hug for me.

    I love that cabin.


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