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Oct 6, 2011


We got up this morning and after my walk we decided to take a ride to Pensacola, but along the coast this time.

The weather seems a little warmer than the past several days, but it was still pleasant because there is a breeze.

Susie was hungry once we got to the historic part of Pensacola so we went to a cafe where we could sit outside.
The waitresses were wonderful. I was hoping I could sit on a chair this time, but there are rules. I don't know if you can see him, but there's a hairless dog near the man's leg at the next table. The waitress walked by to bring me a bowl of water (before we asked for it!) and he jumped out and tried to bite her. He sounded very nasty. The waitress said he was nasty, but I was just so good I could have all the water I wanted.
Not a very flattering picture, but I was just about to lay down and relax after finishing a bowl of water.
Susie and Nancy ordered lunch and were joking around with the waitresses (I think one was training the other, but we got a lot of attention). One of them has a black Lab like my Lizzie. Anyway, the lunch was good and the atmosphere very pleasant.

Then we took some pictures of the old homes that have been restored--mostly businesses, now. Here was a little house that Nancy thought was cute.

Evidently there are walking tours and you can buy tickets, here.

This week has passed very fast. It's hard to believe that the day after tomorrow, we'll be driving home. Tomorrow night Nancy and Susie are going to eat at Lamberts which looks like an interesting place.

Deb (The Mayor) and Linda are coming over after dinner, tonight, to finish off the wine and cheese with some more good conversation. I'll have to remind Nancy to get her camera out.


  1. You are definitely a good dog and deserve lots of love, attention and water. Just like us.

    Scooter and Skittlez

  2. Just want to say I'm SO excited you guys are on the road again! Some great pics there!

  3. What a wonderful dog you are! Your face speaks lots of who you are a gentle love. I think you and Fred would be great friends even if he is less than half your size.

    What a lovely town. I love old buildings that someone loved enough to fix and restore.

    Sorry you have to go home soon but more adventures will come your way.


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