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Oct 5, 2011

Free at Last - Gulf Shores

We left on Saturday--first real day of cool weather in Atlanta. Nancy hardly slept the night before. Just as the sun was coming up, she finally gave it up, but she was up at 8 a.m. Fortunately, she had hooked up the night before and only had a few last minute items to throw in the trailer. Susie arrived and off we went.

Nancy said she almost put the trip off another day. She got a second wind, but was glad when the 6 hour drive was over. No traffic made the drive less harrowing than it could have been.

The RV resort is very nice (hardly camping), but Susan likes cable and wifi and a nail salon-- within a mile is a must. It's almost full, but very, very quiet. No campfires which is what Nancy and I like to do at night, but Susie doesn't really like to rough it--did ya guess that already?

When signing in, Nancy asked for a pull through and the woman who was signing her in said they were reserved for big rigs. She kept telling her about a smaller, back-in site that was right next to the bathroom and explained how convenient it would be.

Nancy asked her whether she was paying the same for a site as the big rigs or does she get a discount since the premium sites are reserved for them (keep in mind that we used to have a big rig). At that point, another lady (named Nancy) said why don't you put her in 5--it's empty for a week. (Actually the long pull through next to us has been empty) She was a very pleasant lady, and Nancy said she could tell that the other lady wasn't happy. Anyway, all is well that ends well.
Nancy is standing at one end and the truck is in back of the trailer with room for another car in back of it!

I'm enjoying my walks and I just like being on the go. It's been such a long time since we've been able to have a change of scenery. There's a wonderful state park, here, and Susan has ridden her bike on the trails. Nancy's friends said it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to go on the trails because there are little rattle snakes that look like sticks. Well, I don't want any part of that!

Susie walks me a lot. Nancy manages to get me to the dog walk, but her back is really bad. Fortunately, it doesn't hurt her except when she's been on her feet for more than 5 minutes. Strange. Twisting, turning, bending doesn't hurt.

Yesterday, we drove over to Pensacola to the historic district. I can tell Nancy isn't feeling so great because she never forgets her camera, but she did. In fact, she forgot it the day we went over to see her friend's beautiful condo--right on the golf course. Nancy didn't want to take me in her house (even though she was gracious and said she didn't mind) because I shed. Well, heck, I'm a dog for crying out loud.

I sleep on Nancy's bed most of the time, but I can cross over to sleep in Susie's, too.

I'm not allowed to have any dog treats. At home, Nancy dehydrates sliced sweet potatoes for me--Um um...are they good and Nancy says they are one of the healthiest foods I can eat. For this trip, she bought frozen string beans, carrots, and assorted veggies and I like them, too!

The weather was perfect here for the weekend, but is expected to get warmer. There seems to be a breeze, though, and we hope it continues. The shade has been quite comfortable. Nancy and I sit outside while she reads. I love watching everything that goes on. People always say hello to me. Nancy really likes her Kindle. She's resisted buying one because she said she likes the feel of a book. Well, the Kindle changed that! Now she wonders why she waited so long. She got 10 free books the other day. She had purchased something from Amazon and they made a mistake on the order. To compensate, they gave her $5 off her next order and she found some books that were on special...can't get better than free!
Susan and Me in the shade in back of the trailer.
We are going to go back to Pensacola--I'm not sure which day, but I think Nancy will get some nice pictures. Gulf Shores is a beachy community--we've crossed over the inter-coastal waterway several times.

Susan is going to the beach with the Mayor and Linda. They came over, this evening, and we all had a glass of wine. We had a really nice time.