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Nov 8, 2016

Another Day at Reed Bingham and a Fight with a Screen Room

It was chilly this election day so I lounged in bed for a while. Nice and cozy under the comforter. I decided, after a while, I'd better get up and get myself presentable enough to go outside and tackle the screen room. That dumb thing that's supposed to "spring up an wha laa" wasn't wha laaing! (Yes, I read the instructions) I struggled, cussing under my breath. Then I heard a sweet voice say, "Can I help?" It was Pat, a neighbor across the way. The two of us struggled for a while before she incorporated the help of her husband, Jerry and their friend, Joe. They live in the area, but come over to camp here quite a bit. They both have big motorhomes. Missy, their little white poodle came following after them.

Jerry is one of those men who just knows how to do it. No instructions needed. He said, it wasn't my fault--the poles were stiff because they were new. I think he was just being nice. Rich was like that, and so are my sons. I've always said two more hands feels like a thousand more. Campers are great people. Always willing to help. And now I have three new friends!

Missy wanted to go into my camper. She was on the step so I went over and opened the door and in she went. Pat stuck her head in and called after her and exclaimed, oh my this is nice. You have a couch and everything. Then Jerry and Jo had a look and they all liked it. The slider thing wasn't working on my screen door so Jerry fixed that for me, too. He asked if I had anything else he could help with and I said, "No. I'm afraid to open the awning." He said, "Go ahead open it and let's have a look. It will make things much nicer for you when you sit outside." I did and it worked and they were amazed that it was automatic.

They all sat down for a while after the screen room was up and we chatted and had some laughs--just down to earth nice people. I felt like I had known them a long time. Pat suggested that we exchange phone numbers so next time when I come down I can call her and they'll come over and camp with me. She also mentioned Cotton Hill Campground over by Lake Eufaula. Somewhere in depths of my brain that seems so familiar. Perhaps I camped there with Rich.

The bugs didn't really come out in force, today...the day has been overcast and not as warm as the first two days. Still, since we're going to eat outside I wanted to have a screened room where we'd have peace.

I was hungry by that time so I took a ride into town which has a Wendy's and got a bite to eat, and then went exploring, again. I bet many a happy hour was spent on this front porch when this home was in its hay day. I like taking pictures of old places because I know they won't be here some day. There's such contrast as you'll see in the next picture (taken from far away) in homes along these back roads.

They must grow a lot of cotton.

I've never seen cotton baled this way before.

This house was a neighbor's house in it's day.

This was a surprise. In all the roads I've been on I haven't seen another and have no idea what kind of fruit it is.

So, I got closer to find out. Still had no idea.

Anyone recognize it. I don't unless it's a VERY BIG tomato plant!

 I thought this was cute, clever, and unique. It's a bale of hay or cotton decorated for Halloween (I don't know why I felt the need to tell you as if you wouldn't know). Kids down here have to walk a long way to trick or treat!

This was along side of the bale of hay.

Seems like there are wineries all over the place these days. I don't drink much any more, but I liked the Publix Winery and the Kroger Winery when I did.

I have to go out to the truck and dig out my crock pot and a couple of things so I'm ready to put dinner on in the morning. Can't wait to see my friends. Teresa and Molly will be here early. Molly was the youngest of the pups when we started camping together. Such a sweet girl.


  1. That's what I thought too.
    Your know how much I love old buildings so I am enjoying your pictures so much.
    How nice of Pat and her camping buddies to come to your aid. Most camping folks are really the nicest people. Wish you would take a picture of your screen room set up. wonder if it's the same one I bought and still have never used.

    1. Thank you, Jo. I haven't seen one other tree. Yes, you can't beat campers for being helpful and nice. I'm going to post the story of the screen room in a few moments. Thanks for reading. I've had such a good time.

  2. I wonder if that first building with the porch may have been a share croppers cabin!

    1. I kind of wondered that, myself. After all, we are in the land of cotton. I love front porches so I could picture people sitting out in the evening and kids playing on the porch. Thanks for reading.


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