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May 2, 2016

What No Sleep Will Do To You

I went back to correct grammar, etc., in the past three posts and even I couldn't follow what I had written. My kids will get a laugh out of this one day. So, I'm sitting here waiting for a mobile RV guy to come.

The sun came out this morning, I got some sleep, so I decided to try to fix the hitch. I started by cleaning it up as I had grease all over the place. Then I loosened the spring bar and...


Hensley is being very cooperative although they have no representative in the area that could come out to fix it but whoever I can find to fix it will have their full attention over the phone. They are concerned since I didn't touch the latch for the ball and hitch that whoever put the ball into the hitch put the wrong size. The saga continues...


  1. If it fell out that easily, then the ball size is either not correct, or there is something not right on the hitch where the ball fits. The service guy will sort it out. Go take a nap, Nancy. LOL

    1. You know, Russ, your comment is worth a million dollars to me. Women's Libbers would not agree with me, but aside from loving Rich to the moon and back, (and it was the 11th year of his passing when all this happened) I miss him so much at times like these. Men just KNOW things. You said, probably exactly, what he would have said. Only he, as my husband, could have added, "Don't worry, honey. I love you."

      Thank you. I'm off to do exactly as you said. Hi to Donna and the pups.


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