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May 9, 2016


Sorry.blogger glitch

Hitch was installed completely wrong by dealer - Jeff Couch RV Nation

Warning to all. I was lucky I didn't kill anyone on the road. Hensley being cooperative. Please make sure if you buy a Hensley that your dealer knows how to install it. I thought not putting the pin in was the worst of it. The four main bolts that keep the hitch on the trailer were never installed. It took 1K miles for the hitch to slide down far enough to give me trouble on the way home. There is so much more to the story but I can"t write it with one finger on my left hand. Just wanted to warn my friends in blogland. This has ruined everything for me including being able to get in the water to keep my back and SI joints from reverting back to a painful situation. So a brand new trailer sits in my driveway looking perfectly normal, but is a LETHAL WEAPON.

No trip west for me. :(



  1. So sorry to hear this news, Nancy.

  2. So sorry to hear this news, Nancy.

  3. I don't know if I missed something but what did you do to your wrist? And shouldn't the dealer be doing something about this hitch problem? Good grief when it rains it pours, so sorry to read all this

    1. hi jo. it's actually my arm I broke. I thought Hensley was going to be somewhat cooperative, but they are not sounding very positive right now. The dealer will take no responsibility. Alll I want at this point is reimbursement for the mobile RV guy and to be absolutely sure that the hitch is installed safely. I'm not up to fighting with anyone about anything. I would probably even settle for just the latter at this point--with all the installation blunders, I want to know that the hitch is welded on correctly and that the four main bolts are installed right. Hensley will check the installation of the missing bolts via photos after they arrive and the mobile RV guy installs them. I would much prefer that someone inspects it in person. it has been a total nightmare. Thanks for checking in. Pats to Fred.

  4. Nancy, I hope your doing well. And hope the RV is ready to roll again.

  5. Thank you, Jo. Still in a cast...still not Rollin'. ): hope you and Fred are well.


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