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May 1, 2016

More of Village Creek in Arkansas

There are six of us camping here in Arkansas. In no particular order; Dixie, Teresa, Bobbi, Wilson, and Patricia. Yesterday we went kayaking; a first for me (they all have a lot of experience)! I loved it and can't wait to do it, again. The wonderful news is that Teresa presented me with a bracelet signifying that I’m officially in the kayaking group. What a surprise. It’s hanging on the wall in my trailer, but I’ll show you a picture. I'm not at all sure, but I think we paddled about 2-1/2 hours. Since it was my first time, Wilson and I got a two seater. I don't know if she was just fluffing me, but she said I did well. I did try to do my part. She was brave in as much as she knows I’m a Calamity Jane!

I've always enjoyed Sherri's blog describing how she and David paddle in and out of the secret places they find, and of course the stories that I've heard from my friends. At last I got to experience it for myself. Now, I understand. There's peace and quiet floating on the water. Well, most of the time. It was only us on the lake so the occasional shrieks of laughter didn’t spoil anyone else’s day.

We have had full days of fun and laughter. The weather has been beautiful although the weather report says there's rough weather ahead. I'll worry about that when it comes. Each night we've had a delicious meal. Everyone pitches in (Patricia is the chef and she makes the main dish, generally, and the rest of us either bring a side dish or plates, etc.) and then we chat and laugh around a campfire. Funny, I could eat cardboard outside and I think it would taste good. I made my banana pudding and broke my diet big time. I also made a crock pot creamed corn dish. Easy as pie. Just dump in the ingredients and set the time.
I needed this week--it's always a difficult week with thoughts and memories all the time about Rich. Anniversaries are still very difficult even after 11 years.

Teresa and Me
Waiting at the Dock

Patricia and Wilson trying to escape a picture



Bobbi--Could have put the one with her sticking out her tongue at me

Wilson, avoiding again. That's okay. I got a video
Right now, I'm sitting outside with a cool breeze, birds chirping, and Molly (Teresa's pup at my side). We're just chillin'. In a few minutes I'm going to go down and get Toby, Dixie's new little adopted pup. Cute as he can be. He's getting heart worm treatment so he needs to remain calm. I'll carry him down and he can sit in my laundry basket with towels for a bed. I know the gals are trying to make me feel like I'm doing them a favor, but they know they are doing me a favor. I probably bore them to death when the subject of dogs comes up because they bring memories of Jack up--and I'm sure some have already heard them a thousand times or were there as he made them.
Tobey, the newest canine member
Teddy, always looking for a handout. He's so cute who could resist him

How luck Tobey was to find someone who camps. What a life he'll have. Another dog saved.

They are looking in the direction where their Mama's come from. That Molly By Golly in the front.
I have to download pictures. The campground is very nice and I've got a beautiful site.. I didn't take my phone or camera in the kayak--my luck they would be in the drink.
I'm getting to know my camper. At first, it seemed as though I lost everything I packed. I looked and looked for shampoo and couldn't find it the first night so I washed my hair with hand soap. I got out of the shower and picked up the little basket I put things in to store in the tub and there was the shampoo! Then, I couldn't find my hair dryer. I KNEW I had put it in the bathroom drawer, but it was no where to be found. I stopped and got the same cheap version in a Walmart on the way over. I looked in one of the bathroom drawers, again, and--voila, I now have two hair dryers. I know I looked in that drawer at least a dozen times, but didn't see it. I think the problem was that the inside of the drawer is white and so is the dryer and I don't see contrast very well. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Besides, it's the story of my life!

I wound up getting a full hook up site so dumping won't be a problem at all. Nice to have the big tanks, though. I still haven't figured out how to work the TV, but that can wait. Patricia and Wilson helped me with that. The TV light is off when the TV is on and you have to point the remote at a certain place. I've been asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow every night. I did wake up for a couple of hours in the middle of the night and busied myself, but I had taken a nap in the afternoon. Ah, the fresh air of camping would put anyone to sleep. Maybe I should go out to the trailer. I am so tired!

This blog is going to be sketchy because there was no wifi at the campground and I can’t remember 10 minutes ago much less everything that happened over a period of a week. I do know we laughed no matter what we were doing. I’m fortunate to have such wonderful friends. I’m also trying Blogo for the first time.

The wind is picking up. I hope it's not a sign of what's coming. We'll see.

My mind is even sketchier. I added a more to this post, but deleted it by mistake.

I'll do a not so detailed summary. There was a terrible accident going west near Nashville that killed a DOT worker and injured two or three others. Just a horrible sight.

I sat in traffic in a traffic coming back from Nashville (Seven Points State Campground) and then avoided another jam at I285 and I75 in Atlanta by taking back roads. It added miles, but even though it was longer I bet I saved a lot of time.

I'm mixed up, now. Will have to change later, if necessary. I'm cross eyed from no sleep. Unhitching did not go well. No one should buy a Hensley hitch unless they get a walk through hitching and unhitching and things that can go wrong by someone who knows the hitch inside and out. Long story short, the hitch is taken apart. Hopefully, later today if I can get some sleep, I'll put it back, again.


  1. Happy to see you enjoying the water. Donna and I have never been in a kayak. We always had a small boat of some kind when the kids were younger, and then a power boat so we could pull them around on tubes, kneeboards and water skiis. Quiet days in the little row boat were always the most enjoyable, I think. Keep on top of the water. LOL

  2. So sorry the hitch had to ruin your wonderful time. Jim is over checking out our hitch so he can maybe help you with yours. Remember I told you I cried several times while we tried to learn how to use it. So hang in there. It really is wonderful when you get the hang of it.

    1. I couldn't like the hitch more. As I said to Jim, I'm going to Ohio this month. It's not far from the dealer. I'm having an awning put over the slide, but I'm also going to tell him that he need someone who knows about the hitch to do a thorough walk-through in the art of hitching and unhitching. I had no idea I needed a torque wrench.

    2. I expected to have to figure some things out. Thank goodness for you and Jim.


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