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May 5, 2014

Prom Night ! A Flurry of Excitement and Photographs

Saturday was a big day for two of my granddaughters. Sisters with proms in two different places; a Junior Prom and a Senior Prom. I went down to join Michael and Laura run around to get pictures. Jack and I stayed down until this morning. 

Following in no particular order--the blog decided--are pictures. Never saw so many pretty girls in one place. They are so grown up for their ages.
Laura, Peyton, Michael
Laura, Victor, Keely, Michael
Peyton - Beautiful in Blue
A Few of the "ladies" Arriving for Pictures
Victor and Keely. I haven't consolidated all the pictures so I don't have one of Keely by herself uploaded to my computer.

I felt bad leaving Bogey behind. He broke house rules and crawled (well actually he leapt up and over my shoulder and landed square on my middle.) He tried sneak attacks from every direction--I was so tired I finally gave in. Jack then got up to get in on the cozy. Laura and Michael left at 6 a.m. I didn't hear them but Laura said Bogey picked his head up as if to say, "So?" She said both pups were draped on me. Bogey knows not to get on the furniture, but I think he sees me and thinks "spoiled". The couch is leather and was covered so no harm. I could not keep him off even though I lugged Jack's beds all the way down to their house.

My youngest grandchild will start college next year. Where have the years gone? All five are such fun to be around, and have grown to be polite, smart, and interesting young ladies. I'm very proud of them even though it was their parents who raised them and deserve the credit. Still, I'll take some credit for having such wonderful kids!

Tomorrow they do the ablation. I'm hoping beyond hope that it works and it will relieve the pain. My only option if this doesn't work is more surgery. I don't think I'll know whether it has worked for 4 to 6 weeks, but I'll find out more, tomorrow. Doesn't sound like fun, but I'll suffer just about anything if it will give me some relief in the end.


  1. You certainly have lovely granddaughters. I remember my proms very well. Such exciting times in high school. Good luck tomorrow. I really really really hope this works for you.

  2. Your granddaughters are why I'm glad we had a boy. They are so gorgeous. I would spend every minute of every day worrying about them (well I did with the boy also but with he was only one. With beautiful girls you have to worry about every boy out there.) Yours are graduating and I still don't have one. Someday.

    I am so hoping and praying that tomorrow goes well for you and that you get some relief from the constant pain. Nice to know you are loved so deeply by the pups.

  3. Beautiful granddaughters. You are in our prayers that the ablation will go well tomorrow

  4. What a mixture of emotions I felt reading this post. It was so much fun looking at the prom pictures. Everyone is just beautiful. Brought back memories of when our girls went to the prom.

    Then I stopped and said a prayer for you. Praying all goes well and no more surgery will be needed.

  5. Beautiful beautiful girls!!! It does seem strange and a little sad when the grandkids are all grown up. Mine are all almost there and I love to see them grown yet I miss the little ones.


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