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May 15, 2014

A Short Post to Celebrate Spring

The rain brought cooler weather. It's just right out. In fact, Jack and I are headed to the nature center after I post. I stopped in the grocery store, yesterday, to get sweet potatoes to make chips for him. I got up early this morning to make them because each batch takes 4 hours. Well, brain cramp! I forgot to get the potatoes. So, I went up to get them. The second batch is in.

Spring has sprung. The white and pink dogwoods have already bloomed, but this tree is a dogwood, too, but it blooms later than the others (I have to look up it's name). Rich planted it thinking it was pink because that's the way it was tagged. It never bloomed until the year Rich died. It's very full this year. I'm wondering if it's going to turn white or get yellower. Hard to see in this photo, but the flowers are a ver light greenish yellow.

A good photographer knows how to get her whole body in the picture. What a dope. LOL
Okay, Let's Go, Sleepy!!


  1. Your garden is gorgeous! I love the dogwoods and azaleas. Some of my favorite spring blooms. That is one thing I miss with full time rving is the garden. Oh well, I get to see lots of different gardens now. Right now we are in the Pacific Northwest with Rhododendrons everywhere!
    Hugs, Karen

  2. Ahhhh...Karen, the grass is always greener. I'd trade my whole house and yard to be in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing like the Rhododendrons in Oregon as I remember them. Thank you, though, for the compliment. I'd like to take credit for the garden but I have to be honest. The only thing I do is look at it and once in a while feed the plants. I'm thinking since I'm going to be home, however, that I might plant some splashes of Impatiens here and there. I'll take a picture when the lilies come in--they are beautiful, but it might be nice to have some color. A number of years back I planted 400 daffodils, had gardeners come in to weed and probably had 20 daffy the following year. Felt awful. I love seeing big splices of them and tulips.

  3. I should have added. Calloway Gardens is very well know in Georgia, but the show of spring flowers is incredible at , too.

  4. Beautiful flowers and love the tree.


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