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May 7, 2014

Only for Those Who Have Back Problems

I had the ablation, yesterday. I can't tell you what a wonderful practice this is from the front desk to the nurses, and of course to the doctor. I have a "PITA" today (some would say I'm being paid back. :)) BUT! So far the SI joint pain seems to be calmed down. Not gone, but they don't expect it to be for a while. I actually cleaned and organized my linen closet this morning, and had laundry in by 9 a.m. I haven't been able to stand that long for quite a while.

I am going to be fitted for a brace this week. The doctor said she went to a seminar on Monday and the exhibit  of a company had this particular brace especially to stabilize the pelvis. She tried it on herself and said it felt good to her and she has no problems so she's hoping it will help me. She said her objective is to keep me out of surgery, and is hoping I won't need to see her again for 6 months. IF, by any chance this doesn't work, she did speak to my surgeon and he will do the SI joint surgery as a last resort. We are all hoping we don't have to go there.

I just can't wait to take Jack for a walk to the nature center, visit some places like Dahlonega and Blue Ridge to window shop, vacuum again more than 3 feet at a time and of course Camp/ many things to look forward to.

The doctor said, yesterday, that she was going to go deep (I can assure you, she did). The lidocaine didn't wear off the injection sites until last night. Tolerable, and I know it's temporary. Just thought I'd keep those of you interested and informed while thanking those of you who wished me luck for yesterday. Will keep you posted...hoping beyond hope that this has done the trick. As I said, I won't know for a while as it takes a while for the ablation to take effect. What's helping the pain in the interim is the steroids and lidocaine.

Can't close without a picture of you know who. He's stayed by my side through thick and thin. I've moved a table out of the way so he can sleep right next to the couch. See his red collar. It lights up red so when he goes out at night I can see where he is in the yard. So funny just to see a red line floating around in the dark.
Do you think he could get any more comfortable?


  1. Just the news I was hoping for. Praying that you get total relief!

  2. This sounds very promising indeed. You know I wish the best results for you. Keeping my prayers going for you.
    I just know we will be meeting up soon. Have my eye on a canned ham on Craig's List.

  3. Means so much to hear from people who don't have to write but do anyway to wish me luck and boost my morale. Thanks so much.

  4. So glad to hear you got some relief already and sure am hoping it continues for a long time. Where are you located? Not sure you're anywhere near where we're going to be in the Fall when we go to Virginia.

    1. I'm in Georgia just north of the Perimeter-285. If you are ever in the area--the welcome mat is always out. Would love to meet you and Jim.

  5. Good to hear it has helped already. I am also praying you get total relief.

  6. Really glad to hear that it went well and prospects are good for you. I like your doctor's attitude about trying the brace to avoid surgery. What a great idea that collar of Jack's is. Hope you are feeling better every day. I can't even imagine how difficult it must be.

  7. that is mighty comfy looking doggy bed!
    hope you feel better soon!!

  8. Glad to hear you are getting some relief and hoping the brace brings you even more. Would love to see you and Jack out traveling again. Love that photo of Jack - looks like a great bed.

  9. Thank you everyone. Today I actually went to Target and walked around after taking Jack for a walk. It was hot, but such a pleasure to be out enjoying some exercise. I didn't try to make the nature center, yet. I've done some things in the house that needed doing for so long. I realize that it's the steroids and lidocaine that are keeping the pain at bay at this point, but it's just so wonderful to walk without pain--I can't even describe it. I'm hoping the brace tides me over until the ablation takes place, too.

    As far as Jack's bed, that's one of three he has in the house and "his" couch, of course!! Talk about spoiled. Again, thank you all for caring enough to comment and share in the joy I feel at the moment and for hoping with me that it continues.


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