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Feb 25, 2014

THIS (Video)

I have no doubt that it will touch many hearts, especially those who have been care givers.

No pictures needed.


  1. Sure wish I could see these videos. My signal isn't strong enough. How are you and Jack?

  2. Very touching video, thanks for sharing Nancy. How are you and Jack doing? Think about you both quite often. Really love that dog. You do such a good job with him. I am sure he appreciates you very much.

    1. Jack is doing fine. We went for our first official walk together, yesterday (I'm not counting the really short ones). I swear, Russ, it was as if he was smiling...looked up at me as if to say, "Like old times." I'm not up to the long ones, yet, so Susan still helps, but if it doesn't rain, today, I'll take him up to the nature center and get some pictures. Thanks for asking. He's such a good guy. It's him who does the good job with me, and I DO appreciate him. Heard there was snow on the coast of my favorite state. Hi to Donna.

  3. Finally was able to open the video. I took care of my dad for his last few months but he was so sharp still. But he was still my dad and no matter how hard it was I tried so hard not lose my patients when he would tell me how to do things. We were so set in our own ways. But my love for him was strong enough to over come my ways.


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