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Feb 27, 2014

OMIGOSH (Don't Know How This Happened--it was actually published in 2012)

Flying Over America! Great Video


  1. Glad you enjoyed, Jim and Sandie and Sue and Doug! A friend of mine asked, can you imagine this in iMax?

  2. My poor little air card had a tough time with the video, kept buffering and buffering but even so I was surprised at how many of the places I recognized as having been to on the ground.

  3. I'm sorry you couldn't get the full effect, Sherry. I put it on my side bar under
    "Favorite Videos" so maybe when you get a strong signal. I was surprised--I think I have been to all of them. I'd love to know--the mountain scenes I think were taken in the Sawtooths after the ride over the stream. I guess I'll just have to wonder! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow that was really cool. I watched it full screen. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Don't know how this happened. As you can say it was published in August 2012.

  6. I have tried to post here a few times and I see it didn't go thru. I know its this desk top expensive piece of crap from HP.
    Anyway Forrest Gump was a great movie well done for sure. Have watched it many times myself.
    The video is breathtaking we do have such a beautiful country wish I could visit it all. Thank you for sharing.


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