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Feb 27, 2014

I'm in Trouble

When Bogey was here he taught me this neat trick. When we were hanging out, he was telling me the things he does to make Michael and Laura go crazy. Nancy thought we were just chewing our bones in the bed, but that's when we were plotting.
Bogey looks innocent, but he's just waiting for Nancy to leave so he can push that gate aside--see how she left it open?
"Really, so garbage is the best? Better than my sweet potato chips?"
See, he waits until everyone is out of the house and then he looks for things that taste good. Kitchen garbage is his favorite. I had no idea the goodies in the garbage tasted so good. So, tonight I decided to try it on my own. I didn't wait until Nancy went out, so she heard me. It was a disappointment because there wasn't anything but paper in the bag, so I didn't get anything tasty like Bogey does. That didn't matter to Nancy, she was shocked. Big's just a bag for crying out loud!

What a mess I made. Nancy said she should have taken a picture of it to make me feel ashamed or hung garbage around my neck. That wouldn't have worked. Why she even called me a slow learner because she thinks I didn't learn to wag my tail until I was nine years old. Well, that's not true...I just didn't want to wag my tail. So there.

Bogey even eats pens and eye glasses and other things that could hurt him so Nancy clears the room and locks us in when he visits.

He did get manage to get into trouble when he was here last time when she left one gate open by mistake. He's still a kid and he gives himself away, and he acts ashamed and sorry when she hollers at him. Nancy had no idea I was in on the caper, too.
This was in a post a week or so ago--Bogey so dumb--he gives himself away.
Nancy rarely yells at me, but she was mad, tonight. It doesn't really bother me because I decided the best course of action is to act bored and not look at her when she is hollering at me. Bogey may have paid attention when Nancy scolded him, but I'm master of this place and I refuse to look like I'm sorry. So, snap away, Nancy, I'm not going to look.
Actually, yes I might do it again if you must know.
Still not going to look.
She got bored after a while and put the camera away. She's talking to me, again. I have to teach Bogey how to handle her.