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Aug 3, 2013

Reminiscing About Depoe Bay and Getting Stuck on You Tube (Red=Video)

Every now and then I go on the You Tube site just for entertainment. This morning I was thinking of Oregon and reminiscing about our trip in 2010, and especially about our whale watching adventure with Captain Carrie Newell out of Depoe Bay in 2010. Unfortunately, we got socked in very quickly by fog and didn't see a whale, but here's what we could have seen and what I *hope* to see *if* I get back there. 

Carrie offered to take us back out, again, for free because we didn't "score". We had to move on, but felt we got our full $40. worth of fun and education. Jack enjoyed the trip, too! We didn't bring cameras for obvious reasons, but after seeing this, I'll take the chance if I get to go, again.

One video led to another, as it always does. I was amazed that I wasn't aware of how hard the Japan tsunami in 2011 hit the Oregon Coast though I did read about the dock in Newport. There are a number of good videos showing its effects. I can get stuck for hours on You Tube. :) I'm going back for more.

I have some of my favorites listed on the side bar, but of course I can't post them all.

Holy Cow!

Pay attention to the signs!

Oregon Coast Winter Storm

How could I forget:
I miss Bogey, but I sure get more napping in!


  1. Now that's a good business woman to offer to take you back out when she felt you didn't get your money's worth. But it sounds like you felt you did. Hi Jack!!

  2. Jack, those naps are really important to us "more mature" dogs. I've been digging a hole to China after this rabbit so Dad has to pick me up and carry me in the house so I get my naps in. Skittlez just doesn't know what she's missing by wanting to be inside with Mom all the time. Have a good one.


  3. Nancy, I sure know what you mean about getting "stuck" on UTube. I think that happens a lot, so I try to stay away, since I have next to zero will power to disengage. Jack looks so peaceful and sweet when he's napping. Take good care of him, and yourself. Treasure the moments.

  4. I watched half of it and will watch more later... I love the sound of the water! I almost took a whale watching ride several times but balked at the money... so just had my binoculars from the beach... so gorgeous

    love the sea lions too ... love sea life period! Jack is adorable...

  5. I don't know if my stomach could handle the rough water but OH what a sight to see. Like Carolyn said watching from shore would also be a treat.

    Fred sends hi puppy love.


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