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Aug 8, 2013

Jack's Birthday! and A Call From a Dear Friend!

Today was Jack's 11th birthday. Just wanted to mark it as a special occasion. Love this pup with all my heart!
So where's my cake?
My whole post except for pictures disappeared! Let me tell you about Frannie. She was married to Billy and when I was a little girl, before they had children of their own, they lavished attention upon me. I loved her and thought she was like a movie star and I had a secret crush on Billy at the same time (little girls are funny, aren't they?).

When I was growing up I used to think, "When I get married, I'm going to be just like Fran and treat my husband like she treats Billy because that's why he loves her so much." Their marriage was an incredible and wonderful love story. They were like a Prince and Princess.  He always called Fran his bride. She lost him sixteen years ago. Rich was broken hearted and he knew how broken-hearted I was. He surprised me with a beautifully framed newspaper article that told the story about how Billy had earned so many medals, but had never received them. Billy being Billy, never asked for them or wanted the lime light. He was a WWII hero, very seriously injured in Italy. Weeks before he left us, he was presented with them.

They had two children of their own, Gretchen and John. They adored them, and when they became grand parents they adored their grand children.

Billy and Fran were crazy about Rich. That was very important to me when I first introduced them.

Fran's daughter, Gretchen, takes wonderful care of her Mom, bringing joy into every moment of her life. Fran is failing a bit, so I'm hoping to get down to see her--maybe this winter. I'm very happy to have spoken to her. Fran lost her sight, but I wish she could see how beautiful she is and why she was Billy's Princess. I suspect she knows, though. 

Still Glamorous in her 90s!
I've always loved her.