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Jul 28, 2013

Another Birthday

I Love You (song)
I miss you more with every passing day.

Someone Waits For You (song)

How she loved you, too.


  1. A sad but moving tribute. Take care.

  2. Praying for peace for you Nancy. Never forget the love he brought into your lives.

  3. Sending you lots of love and hugs from all of us at the Dixon house.

  4. Beautiful pictures Nancy. How wonderful to have been loved like that. Few people are that lucky.

  5. Sweet Memories Nancy. Brought tears to my eyes. I can feel how much you loved him.

  6. Your lucky to have had that kind of love. Your memories are beautiful.

    Sometimes a memory comes into mind when doing something or seeing something and now I can smile, sometimes chuckle a bit. Find peace in your memories Nancy, they can bring us a long way.

    I didn't realize how many posts I missed with all this moving about. Sorry about the surgery but at least you know that you ARE going camping again. I will go look at a Capri Camper sometime next week. If that doesn't seem to work there are other options out there for me.

  7. Yes, as I've said many times you were so lucky to have found that kind of love. Ditto everything everyone else said. I missed this post... never know about my blog roll.

    Peace with your memories... heat tugger...


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