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Jul 20, 2013

Whistle Stop Cafe "Fried Green Tomatoes"

This will not be a long post because I've posted twice before about Whistle Stop. For those of you who have seen "Fried Green Tomatoes" (I've read the book and seen the movie), you will recognize some of the buildings. You'll be able to see just how much rain we've gotten in the south by some of the pictures. Naturally, we both had to have the Fried Green Tomatoes and the Frank Bennett BBQ (the secret's in the sauce, you know).

Anyone who happens to stop along I75 at High Falls State Park, it's worth a ride to Juliett.

The waitress told us the the veggies of the day were on the blackboard. It was across the room and I didn't have my glasses, so I took a picture so we could choose!

Smokey Lonesome's Home
Where Frank Bennett wound up in the sauce!
Can't not take a picture of this building. I'm not sure what kind of factory it was (I probably forgot), but the railroad tracks run between it and the town and I remember seeing it in the movie. A train passed through while we were there, but I missed the shot of the engine.
After wandering the few shops in the town that are struggling to survive (with very high prices), I decided to take Marie to see where the kids in the movie walked along the dam. I found this guy enjoying the view, too. I don't know if it's a duck or a goose.
This body of water looks like an infinity pool.
Where you see the "infinity pool" drop off, it's usually a fairly big drop into a very slow moving stream. Because of all the recent rain in Georgia, it's a pretty fast running river, today.
My friend Marie. We've had a very nice time even though this year I couldn't do the walking that we generally do. She's a very kind and good-hearted person.
Anyone interested in a good read or just an evening of entertainment, I recommend the book or the movie if you haven't seen it. You will love Jessica Tandy--she was wonderful, as always, and Kathy Bates as Twanda is wonderful. I loved all the characters, but my favorite was Idgey (don't remember who played her), and other well known actors each added their own talent to make it a great story. I don't know how many times I've seen it, but I could watch it all over, again, and if I could see the print in the book, I'd read it, again. I believe I have it on my paper white kindle. If not, I will.