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Apr 1, 2013

Things Looking Brighter!

Doctor first thing this morning. Pain is normal and as expected so he was not surprised at the extent of it. X-Rays look great. He said this particular surgery is a "long term investment". I could still be healing after a year. (Guess I didn't take my age in mind--huh?)  That was a good way to explain it. He changed my pain meds and gave me a new prescription to continue therapy. I have to call him in six weeks. My activity level is dictated by pain (let's hope that means the new meds will work better and I'll be able to vacuum "under" things, now)--pain in the hips IS coming from the back.

I'm making a new promise to myself, today. JACK.AND.I.WILL.BE.CAMPING.IN.THE.FALL!!


  1. Your hair looks great. Wish mine looked that good without combing. Jack looks like he's giving some one the whoooooooo woof. Don't push yourself or you could go backwards. There must be some folks who would love to go with you and Jack to the nature center and be Jack's handler. Even if the recovery is longer than you want, you WILL get back on the road with Jack. Every journey is really done step by step no matter how long.

  2. I am so excited for you! Not that your still in pain but that things are going the way they should.I hope the new meds work well for you.
    YES YOU WILL GO CAMPING IN THE FALL!! Love the new Attitude
    You hair shows you are camping. That is my excuse for lots of sloppy stuff when out. I think the Devil makes me say these things. >:)

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